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Our Tarot Reading Advisors  are respected because:

  • Our clients return as they see quality in Tarot Readers.

  • Our Network's feedback is important.

  • Our Network's ethical standards  care about your experience.

We are watchful of questionable practices at other Tarot Networks that have been subjected to media scrutiny.  Your experience  on our Tarot Network will be the best because we hire ONLY the Best Tarot Advisors.  Our Tarot Network operates under the utmost reverence for clients & Tarot advisors.  

Whether you elect a Tarot Reading by Phone,  Tarot Reading by Chat Reading or a Tarot Reading by email, rest assured our professional Tarot advisors have been thoroughly screened & tested prior to being listed on our Tarot Network for either Telephone, Chat, or Tarot Email Reading divisions.

You can watch our Master Tarot Advisors on Free Tarot Reading Night/Chat Party doing 5 minutes free Tarot readings.   Get a Mini Tarot Reading & review logs from previous events.  Great way to test our Tarot Network for yourself prior to purchasing time for a Tarot private reading.  We don't need  say our Tarot Advisors are the Best, our clients do all day long! 

WEBSTER'S definitions:

psy.chic (si`kik), adj. Also psy`chi-cal. 1. of or pertaining to the human soul or mind; mental (apposed to physical). 2.  Psychol. pertaining or noting mental phenomena. 3.  outside of scientific or natural knowledge; spiritual. 4.  of or pertaining to some apparently nonphysical force or supernatural nature: Tarot research; Tarot phenomena. 5.  sensitive to influences or forces of a nonpysical or supernatural nature_n. 6.  a person who is alledgedly sensitive to Tarot influences or forces; psychic. [1855-60 Gk psychikosof the soul See PSYCHE, IC] -psy`chi-cal-ly, adv.

Our Telephone and Online Network

Our Tarot Readers, Astrologers and Tarot Card Readings are available for Telephone Tarot Readings at affordable prices.  Also our private Tarot chat readings are by appointment.  Whichever type of Tarot reading you elect, rest assure our Tarot professionals have been thoroughly screened and tested prior to being listed on our Tarot Network in either division. Our Tarot screening process is thorough.  Approximately 400 Tarot advisors apply each month. The human resources Tarot manager books a private one on one telephone Tarot reading test whereby the Tarot applicant must provide our staff a reading.  It is very simple to determine if the Tarot applicant has the skill required.  One of the important ingredients in this evaluation process is to look at the accuracy of the Tarot applicant.  We then review professionalism and overall Tarot competence. 

Our Advisor Pre Screening Process

After the Tarot applicant joins our staff, they are subjected by ongoing monitoring and feedback.  Clearly our loyal clients provide valuable feedback that is factored in heavily.  Out of 400 Tarot applicants each month, we accept approximately 2 (two readers).  If a Tarot reader is contracted on our Tarot Network, client feedback is a very important factor for the duration of tenure.  Regardless of skill, credentials, experience, etc.. all Tarot readers must be tested. We believe that the more experience, the better the reader.

Other Networks Versus Us

There are many other Tarot networks where "experts" bill themselves as professional Tarot Advisors. However the sign up process is as fast as opening a free email address.  Unlike those companies, we do not list just anyone. Rather we individually review each Tarot application and schedule an appointment with the applicant for a live telephone Tarot reading.  Bottom line, they better be good because we know what our clients want and need.  It’s that simple! We care about our clients. Our Tarot network wants each and every client to be satisfied with the quality. 

Low Cost Readings...Always

Our Telephone Tarot Line Readings price is a modest $2.49 per minute. We have seen Tarot readings by telephone on other networks charging over $6-7 per talk minute.  We provide quality at a decent price without compromising the quality.  In fact, paying more won’t make the quality better. It just makes the company richer!   We don't need to say our Tarot advisors are the best because our clients say it for us every day.  For over a decade our clients have enjoyed our Tarot services from our Tarot readers. We appreciate it and thank each one.  We promise to only bring you the best!

Telephone Reading Versus Online Chat Reading

When we first launched operations in 2001, we were 100% a dot com network.  That changed as we continued to focus our clients’ needs.  Many requested that they access us without a computer.   Though we offered telephone readings online via a shopping cart, the technology was a little far behind.  We made a huge upgrade in February 2003 by launching our telephone division became well received because clients were able to enter a more secure server. Think about it.  99% of all credit card difficulties occur on a website, not a telephone server.  In fact the encryption on a phone server is 10 times more advanced than a web server. 

As the phone network grew clients enjoyed being able to access us without access to a computer. In fact, the convenience became a necessity.  We live in a multi-tasking society whereby many do not have time to sit in front of a computer to access a reading session.  While most of our clients call from different locations, they also are able to access us from the most unique places such as a coffee shop, lunch break from work, driving at work (hands free of course) etc. Implementing these upgrades was a huge step for our network.

Though chat readings now on our network are by appointment, we have faded the on demand chats because the telephone system dominated the network more than chat.  Chat readings became very popular from 1999-2002.  However the reason they became popular was because chatting online was a new fad. Chat readings became popular because they were low cost.  Think about it, there is no transport cost to connect the client to the reader.  This is another reason we decided to keep our phone network low cost at the same prices as chat. 

After we launched our telephone network, we continued receiving calls from clients outside USA and Canada.  Though the overseas caller will need to pay for the international call to the United States, it did not deter them from calling.  This is also in part due to Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP.)  As the years have passed, such advances have made international dialing so much easier and possible.

Why Our Clients Always Prefer Telephone Readings

The following is a 2 part excerpt from one of our advisors with regards to Vocal Vibrations:

Each and every individual person that can speak has voice vibrations. These voice vibrations are as unique as each individual person's DNA. Just like there are no two snowflakes alike there are no two persons voice vibrations the same. It is so unique that scientists have found that they can actually identify a person by their voice recordings. There have been studies that have suggested that if the mother and or father talk to their unborn child, the child is born with healthier brain function. Talking to the unborn child also develops a greater bond between the child and the parents.

These voice vibrations create energy. This energy carries emotions such as sadness, happiness, love, stress, anxiety, anger and calmness. Some empathy’s, have found at times a person's voice vibrations carry that persons energy to me.

In a telephone Tarot reading, voice vibrations are a very helpful tool. The vibrations help me to connect better with my clients as well as help me to tune in with my spirit guides and my client's spirit guides.

A good comparison for voice vibrations is the radio tower and the radio in your car. The person speaking is the tower transmitting the signals out into the airways. The person listening is the radio filtering and decoding the vibrations into meaningful messages. This is a good example except for your voice vibrations do so much more than the tower and radio.

Your voice vibrations carry along with it all of you emotions, give your guides a means to communicate and also carry along with it the environment in which you are in.

I like to think of voice vibrations like a way for a blind person to see your aura. If an aura is dark and clouded by negativity, the vibrations carry that energy along with it. If happiness and light are surrounding you then it is carried along the vibrations for me to hear and feel the positive flow. Even if there is a great deal of negativity in a person's life at the moment but there is relief and light coming this will be carried along the vibrations telling of a dissipation of negativity.

It is amazing how just the simple act of talking can bring about such energy and create such an information highway. Your spirit guides and my spirit guides make great use of this wonderful link between us.

Voice vibrations is just one of the tools that I use to connect with you to better answer your questions and concerns in addition to other tools such as spirit guides, tarot cards and empathic abilities.
Voice Vibrations is one of the many different tools I use to tune in to my clients/friends to help with their questions and concerns. In part 1, I mentioned that voice vibrations are similar to the way for a blind person can see your aura. If an aura is dark and clouded by negativity, the vibrations carry that energy along with it. If happiness and light are surrounding you then it is carried along the vibrations for me to hear and feel the positive flow. Even if there is a great deal of negativity in a person's life at the moment but there is relief and light coming this will be carried along the vibrations telling of a dissipation of negativity. It is piecing mealing each piece of the puzzle to form insight. These vibrations carry information that is unique to the person who is speaking like a fingerprint.

Picture a still pool of clear blue water. Now place a leaf in it. In the center of the pool drop a small pebble. Watch as the ripples circulate...radiating outward and away from the center or source of the disturbance of the stillness. Your own unique voice vibrations carry the information much like the ripples of the pool carry the leaf across the pool on the waves that are moving outward toward the shore. Each individual person's voice vibrations carry their emotions, hopes, connections and more.

Under the best of conditions these vibrations come in loud and clear. Sometimes there are gaps or static within the voice vibrations causing your receiver to adjust in order to tune in better. The adjustments or fine tuning of the dial may come in the way of spirit guides to help clarify the meaning of the message riding on the voice vibrations. There are times these vibrations send me images like a little home movie prompting me to ask questions about a particular place or time that is significant to you that is pertinent to the questions at hand. These questions would seem odd at first to anyone else but mean something to you. For example, a question such as “Did you recently purchase a yellow gown?” may at first seem insignificant or irrelevant. But later on more information is formed by this building up process. In fact, this happened once in a reading where such a simple question was asked and the client responded, Yes, just last week I purchased a yellow dress for my daughter because she is getting married and moving. A message about the daughter is trying to form in the reading.

Voice vibrations are one of the strongest sources I have for tuning into your concerns and questions about love, family, health, finances or career. So keep sending those vibrations and I will keep listening, receiving and interpreting the energies in your life.”

Different Types of Tarots Advisors

Tarot consultants vary in specialties.  Some have had many lessons regarding the dynamics of Tarot phenomena; many experiences from which to draw wisdom. People have asked them over time what might be the difference between the process of channeling, that of clairvoyance, and the art of mediumship. Some often use all three modalities of communication when they do readings and/or compose written and audio material. A great deal of sophistication and refinement goes into doing any of these types of world service works well. They honor all those in this Tarot profession that perfect the craft on an ongoing basis

Channeling is a process of stepping back from personal consciousness and allowing energy sources of higher consciousness to come through with threads of thought communication. Thought is energy vibration and cloaked in etheric semblances of form. Information is not solid form, but it is close to form. When we question our reality, a process of channeling can allow information of a higher nature to come through to provide direction and answers. When they channel, they put my own voices on hold. You might say that they enter an altered state of mind, and allow seemingly other-worldly information to come through to be verbalized as they receive it to my client or public audience. Channeling works well to get in touch with messages from your angels, high level guides, extraterrestrial sources, and the Masters.

Clairvoyance (within this it includes the senses of clairaudience, telekinesis, etc anything that is sensually felt by the person reading) in my experience is the process of receiving information that is sensed with the so-called sixth sense. It is developed to the point that all of the symbols, verbal messages heard, and other sensate information is most likely relevant to the client and can actually be activated in their lives. Ask a clairvoyant anything that is immediate in your life. These messages often give very practical advice, easy to understand and practice. The mass consciousness is becoming more clairvoyant at this time. This is resulting in more people understanding and using intuition and Tarot abilities in their everyday lives.

Mediumship is an intricate, skilled art that has the reader tapping into the fourth dimensional spirit world. It is a craft that Spiritualists have used throughout history to help others have comfort and peace in their lives. This information can come from deceased loved ones, experts who have crossed over that have stayed to share what they have learned, and prophets of the past who come back to the spirit world to impart wisdom. Contacting those spirits from the other side of this dimension can be an enlightening experience and offer healing like no other type of Tarot counsel can.

Real Quality Versus Quantity

We are committed to making your experience on APN to be the Best!  Our lowest prices will never be beat.  We do not require any memberships or have any hidden fees.  What you see is what you get.  The telephone system is on a per minute billing infrastructure.  You control how much time you would like.


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