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Our Network is respected because:

Our clients return as they see quality in Psychic Readings.
Our client feedback is important.

Our ethical standards care about your experience.

We are watchful of questionable practices at other Psychic Networks that have been subjected to media scrutiny. Your experience on our Psychic Network will be the best because we hire ONLY the Best Psychic Advisors. Our Psychic Network operates under the utmost reverence for clients & Psychic advisors.

Whether you elect a consultation by Phone, Chat or Email , rest assured our professional psychic advisors have been thoroughly screened & tested prior to being listed on our Psychic Network for either Telephone, Chat, or Psychic Email Reading divisions.

You can watch our Master Psychic Advisors on Free Nights/Chat Party doing 5 minutes free. Get a Mini Reading & review logs from previous events. Great way to test our Psychic Network for yourself prior to purchasing time for a psychic private reading.

Our Clairvoyants, Astrologers and Tarot Card Readings are available for Telephone readings at affordable prices. Also our private psychic chat readings are by appointment. Whichever type of psychic reading you elect, rest assure our psychic professionals have been thoroughly screened and tested prior to being listed on our Psychic Network in either division. Our psychic screening process is thorough. Approximately 400 psychic advisors apply each month. The human resources psychic manager books a private one on one telephone psychic reading test whereby the psychic applicant must provide our staff a reading. It is very simple to determine if the psychic applicant has the skill required. We then review professionalism and overall psychic competence.

Our Advisor Pre Screening Process

After the psychic applicant joins our staff, they are subjected by ongoing monitoring and feedback. Clearly our loyal clients provide valuable feedback that is factored in heavily. Out of 400 psychic applicants each month, we accept approximately 2 (two readers). If a Psychic reader is contracted on our Psychic Network, client feedback is a very important factor for the duration of tenure. Regardless of skill, credentials, experience, etc.. all advisors must be tested. We believe that the more experience, the better the reader.








































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