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Answered all questions thoroughly, and provided reasoning and details. Was honest as well! -Anonymous USA

Amazing! -Anonymous USA

As always, thanks for all of your help -Anonymous USA

Excellent reading as always. You are the best! Thank you! -Anonymous Canada

Thank you! Thank you! -Anonymous USA

Great Psychic. Thank you. -Anonymous USA

Very accurate -Anonymous USA

Told me the situation exactly as how its been without me saying a thing. -Anonymous USA

Very comforting and exact. -Anonymous USA

Accurate psychic. -Anonymous USA

Thank you. Ill be coming back. -Anonymous USA

Sorry ran out of time. Am amazing reading. -Anonymous USA

Will come back again-thank you. -Anonymous USA

She's very honest, kind, and on the money in her readings. -Anonymous USA

Great reading - thanks -Anonymous USA

Thank you -Anonymous USA

Hope to connect again. Thanks. -Anonymous USA

Knew my situation without having to say anything. -Anonymous USA

Nice reading-thank you. -Anonymous USA

Great psychic. -Anonymous USA

Thank you -Anonymous USA

I always depend upon for filling in the blanks. I have total faith and comfort in what she sees. -Anonymous USA

Thanks. -Anonymous USA

Awesome - the best - ever and I do mean EVER!!!!! -Anonymous USA

Thanks again Youre the best! -Anonymous USA

Made me laugh, he is was very accurate about my situation. -Anonymous USA

Thank you for the great reading! A million stars. -Anonymous USA

Thank you as always. -Anonymous USA

Thank you for your great always read into my situation well.Thank you! -Anonymous USA

Super accurate and to the point. Thank you. -Anonymous USA

Thank you. Again so much for keeping me focused and raising my hopes. Thank you. -Anonymous USA

Very quick and great to talk to. Will call again! -Anonymous USA

Thank you -Anonymous USA

As always, you're an ace. -Anonymous USA

Thank you so much! Thanks for the reassurance! -Anonymous USA

Is so easy to talk to, there is a reason she's #1. -Anonymous USA

Give her a call! -Anonymous USA

Five stars around for this advisor. Thanks so much for your insight. We'll see what happens in a few weeks. -Anonymous USA

Thank you. -Anonymous USA

Thanks for the reassurance. -Anonymous USA

You find a way to put a smile on my face and wings on my heart. Thanks for being there. Has been great in keeping me focused in the right direction and calming my nerves by explaining why I am having some of these -Anonymous USA

Thank you so much you've helped me a lot during this tough time in my life I hope you're right that things will get better soon. -Anonymous USA

Thank you! Always an excellent and accurate reading. -Anonymous USA

Is more than awesome. If you are down and depressed is the one to call because you always feel so much better about yourself and about the outcome of your situation no matter how severe you think it is. She is truly gifted. His sense of humor is the best. I wish there were more men out there with your disposition and sense of humor. Thanks a trillion. -Anonymous USA

Five stars around for this advisor. Thanks so much for your insight. We'll see what happens in a few weeks. -Anonymous USA

Thanks -Anonymous USA

Thanks for the reassurance, -Anonymous USA

Thank you so much. So awesome. Thank you so much for everything. -Anonymous USA

Back in July predicted that I would close on my 2nd unit by the end of the month, despite all the odds. Well, we did close right at the very end of the month, the 28th. -Anonymous USA

Has never changed his reading no matter how neurotic I get, he manages to calm me down. Thank you so much. -Anonymous USA

Excellent thank you for confirming what my angels have told me. I am now manifesting my tours. -Anonymous USA

Thank you very much. Im glad that spoke with you. You are always so great. Thanks for the advice! I will take it and be in touch! Best and blessings! -Anonymous USA

Thanks. Voice of reason. I know you're right. I do but it's the visual I can't get. Lots of voices but not the visual. This is why you're there for me. -Anonymous USA

Thank you! -Anonymous USA

Great reading. I pray that everything you predicted with my relationship comes true for me and d. You are helpful. God bless you. -Anonymous USA

Thanks! You always help me see it clearer. -Anonymous USA

She remains consistent, patient and very accurate. She picked up on the craziness at my job very accurately, without me giving her any details. -Anonymous USA

Her gift is genuine. I appreciate the clarity she provided in a kind and humorous manner. Thanks for the encouragement...this should be interesting to see how this all plays out. Blessings -Anonymous USA

The best! Thanks. -Anonymous USA

My hero. Calm, reflective, and very good. -Anonymous USA

Thanks again. For everything. -Anonymous USA

Has been very accurate with predictions this far. Thanks! -Anonymous USA

Thanks once again. -Anonymous USA

Thanks. Always nice to get perspective, even if I do feel as if Im walking a road w/a tortoise! -Anonymous USA

You got the job right on again. You told me that it will be around the second week of September and I got the job in the second week and within 20 miles it is about 16. Also said it will be in an office and it is. You are always accurate. -Anonymous USA

Give her a call u won't go wrong. -Anonymous USA

Thanks for clearing things up. -Anonymous USA

Thank you! Awesome reading. -Anonymous USA

I have yet to have a prediction not pan out...including one I thought was incredibly unlikely and has just come to pass...she has quite a gift and is a really nice to boot. Thanks for taking my call you have confirmed what everyone else has said that s does love me and that we will be back together will keep you informed love and peace -Anonymous USA

Good advice. -Anonymous USA

Very enlightening conversation today. Thanks for clarifying my perception versus what is really going on. I am happy you are sticking by your guns on this one, that there is capacity for change and there is something different about me that have set me apart from the pack. You're the best and I love to laugh with you about a very twisted situation! -Anonymous USA

Your readings have been conservatively accurate so far. -Anonymous USA

I just can't see what you do.Such a fantastic reader to talk to. -Anonymous USA

So glad you confirmed everything my gut and heart are telling me. -Anonymous USA

Always accurate, and always a great advisor! -Anonymous USA

Going great. Youre awesome as always. -Anonymous USA

Thank you. Let's hope this is the week. Always a pleasure to talk to. She's very patient and understanding and always manages to throw in details. Thanks. -Anonymous USA

Thanks, you are the best! -Anonymous USA

Thanks a lot! -Anonymous USA

Calm, patient and attentive. Thanks again. -Anonymous USA

Thank you for your advice. -Anonymous USA

Excellent reading and psychic! Thank you. -Anonymous USA

Brilliant and quick to tune in. -Anonymous USA

Thank you for your insight. This advisor is honest, accurate and wonderful to talk to! A million stars. -Anonymous USA

Awesome reading style and quick. -Anonymous USA

Awesome!! -Anonymous USA

Thank you. -Anonymous USA

Good reading. Thanks for your reading. -Anonymous USA

Good call. -Anonymous USA

Great as always. Thank you. -Anonymous USA

Always calming, no matter how nuts I may feel inside, calms me down. -Anonymous USA

Thanks! Always great!!! Many thanks. -Anonymous USA

Thanks. I'll let you know how it goes. -Anonymous USA

Thanks for helping me. -Anonymous USA

Thank you for everything. -Anonymous USA

Thank you! Very consistent and accurate, more than 5 stars! -Anonymous USA

Very compassionate. It would be wonderful if she turned out to be right. -Anonymous USA

Thank you! I appreciate your insight always. -Anonymous USA

Thank you -Anonymous USA

Is the very best, the most ethical, the most accurate, the most compassionate, empathetic psychic/advisor ever! -Anonymous USA

Exceptionally kind & considerate. -Anonymous USA

Great as always... Steadies the ship in stormy seas. -Anonymous USA

Always accruate. Honest reading. -Anonymous USA

The right direction. Though it was hard to accept, I know its the right thing to do. -Anonymous USA

Wow - now that was a reading! -Anonymous USA

Very patient and humorous. Thanks a lot! Gave me a positive and hopeful reading. Still stands by previous readings. Thanks. I will most likely be contacting you again for an update. -Anonymous USA

Thank you as always! -Anonymous USA

Youre awesome! -Anonymous USA

I'll call again soon. -Anonymous USA

Put a smile on my face of course. You are a gift and thank you. -Anonymous USA

Thank you!!! You were 100% accurate, she did call today just as you predicted. Thanks -Anonymous USA

Great advisor! -Anonymous USA

Thanks. -Anonymous USA

Thank you so much 4 helping. I will keep u updated. Outstanding advisor...very quick, accurate with humor to smooth out the edges of the tough questions I ask. I so very much appreciate the sanity check...thanks so very much -Anonymous USA

I will let you know how prediction pans out. She was a good reader and had a very calming effect on me. Thank you. -Anonymous USA

Amazing to her predictions which do come true. Satisfied with accurate results. -Anonymous USA

Back in August I asked about my son's teachers. She was 100% correct when she said she saw them being a much better set then last year. -Anonymous USA

Has been very accurate. -Anonymous USA

Thanks, I appreciate your insight.Has been listening to me whine for well over 2 years now. -Anonymous USA

Thank you. You know exactly where Im coming from, and always open my eyes to other options. -Anonymous USA

I was a first time caller. We connected right away. -Anonymous USA

It was quick which the best part was. Thanks, I will keep you posted. -Anonymous USA

Read for me several times and his predictions have always panned out. She's awesome. Gave me a fabulous reading this time too and some wonderful advice. I'll certainly be calling back. Thanks for the great reading! -Anonymous USA

Was fantastic. -Anonymous USA

Accurate, friendly, and honest. -Anonymous USA

Detailed and specific. Does not waste time. Will definitely call again. Thank you. -Anonymous USA

Thank you for confirming my feelings. Great reading. Will keep you posted. Thanks for all of your help - you are the best ever! -Anonymous USA

You always set my mind at ease. -Anonymous USA

Thanks for assurance. Thank you -Anonymous USA

Thanks for the update, You are always right on the money! -Anonymous USA

Thank you for listening and for the reassurance. You are simply the best. A million stars. -Anonymous USA

I was surprised - very accurate. -Anonymous USA

5 stars. Another great call. So much of what you have said is starting to pass. I can't wait to see what else happens. Thanks again -Anonymous USA

I really needed the insight. -Anonymous USA

Thanks, for putting my mind at easy. -Anonymous USA

Thank you. -Anonymous USA

Thanks again for your insight! Will call again. Thanks. It's been a while, but you still see the same outcome as before. I'm more than happy to hear that. -Anonymous USA

Thanks for the honesty. -Anonymous USA

Thanks for being there when I needed someone to talk to. -Anonymous USA

Excellent advisor, picked up very quickly, accurate in the reading. I would highly recommend to everyone and will be calling back. -Anonymous USA

One of the few readers I can openly trust. I'm sure you're right. Thanks for the peace of mind and reminder. -Anonymous USA

Thank you very much. -Anonymous USA

Thank God! #1 on for a reason. Call her! -Anonymous USA

Thanks for reassuring me and my feelings! -Anonymous USA

I did not utter a single word and my concerns were answered before I asked. Thank you for everything. Thanks for all of your help and patience and kind words. -Anonymous USA

As always, thanks for all of your help. -Anonymous USA

You are absolutely the best reader ever - you are accurate, caring, and funny and I am so thankful I found you! Highly recommend for just about any type of insight you may be seeking. -Anonymous USA

Ten stars -Anonymous USA

Thank you for always there for me. Hugs -Anonymous USA

This is the best of the best. Thanks as always -Anonymous USA

Her readings always calm me down. Thanks. -Anonymous USA

You are right with what you said and it happened as you said -Anonymous USA

Great as always -Anonymous USA

A good reading. Exceptional. -Anonymous USA

Great reading as always. Said that a certain person would try a little harder this time and that is true. Thanks again. -Anonymous USA

As usual - you rock! -Anonymous USA

Thank you for listening to the "same" situation. I value your calming advice.2 1/2 years and she is still amazing Thank you very much! -Anonymous USA

Wow, well you definitely got some obscure stuff regarding the health issues. -Anonymous USA

Great reading. Will call you soon! -Anonymous USA

Thanks for your insight! I'll continue on. -Anonymous USA

Thanks again - glad I called. There is always a bright side to every situation; you just do not know it until after you have spoken to. Thanks a million. -Anonymous USA

I feel that was in touch with my situation and was able to give me some strength to continue with my journey. Thank you. -Anonymous USA

Always a pleasure to speak with. :) had to check in and things are on track. -Anonymous USA

Fast, accurate, and honest as always! -Anonymous USA

Thanks for assisting in the employee dilemma, great to get the Psychic version from a reader who genuinely cares about his customers. -Anonymous USA

An amazing reader. You should call if you want the truth. Always understanding and answers my questions even though I ask them a million and one times. -Anonymous USA

Thanks I guess time will only tell. -Anonymous USA

A sea of calm in this storm. Thanks -Anonymous USA

Thanks for the advice my relationship. And also a big thanks you for confirmation on the car!! -Anonymous USA

Youre the best! Awesome -Anonymous USA

Is always right on about my situation at hand. Call. She will not disappoint you. -Anonymous USA

Is great. She never gets tired of the same old questions. I have fewer doubts now. -Anonymous USA

Thank you again. As an advisor, you are the greatest. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate everything you have done for me. You have been a friend these past months and have helped be through so much. Thank you. -Anonymous USA

You have been correct on everything so far. -Anonymous USA

Always a delight to talk to. You are a precious, gifted guide & human angel. -Anonymous USA

Without a doubt. Talk to you soon. -Anonymous USA

Thank you so much. I am obviously very emotional right now about this and what is happening. I pray it will not be too much longer. Thank you again so much. -Anonymous USA

Is always fast and accurate with the current situation, she has been right on in his predictions so far...thanks. -Anonymous USA

A million stars. Doesn't waste your time or money. -Anonymous USA

Quick and to the point. Predictions have been on target. Picked up on situation pretty quickly. Awaiting for one more prediction. Lets hope is right again -Anonymous USA

Always an ace - thanks for the update Has always been right! Sometimes I don't want to be and that's the scary part because that shows me that is honest and doesn't give false hope. -Anonymous USA

Always great insight and direction!! I will stay the course and keep you posted. Thanks for always being there to answer my questions. -Anonymous USA

She responded, yes, no reason not to pursue. I'll check my questions in the future. -Anonymous USA

Thank you. Never falters and is always on track. -Anonymous USA

Consistent. Will know if true in a week & a half. Sorry we got cut off--thanks! -Anonymous USA

Thanks for the update. -Anonymous USA

As always fast and to the point. Thanks for the great reading with clear direction. Focus is on the future work and the new opportunity that may be developed over the next few months. Thanks so much. -Anonymous USA

Always great talking to you. -Anonymous USA

Very fast answers. Gave times frames. Will call again. -Anonymous USA

Great like always. -Anonymous USA

Thank you!! Thanks for the reassurance once again Courteous &professional-not what I wanted to hear though but I guess you can't always get the outcome you want. -Anonymous USA

Is a legend. Time & time again she steps up to the plate answering my repetitive questions, addressing my never-ending worries and doubts. -Anonymous USA

She has had a huge impact on my life over the past 3+ years. Always very quick accurate. -Anonymous USA

Always professional, steadfast in what she sees and so patient. I love the cute 10% margin of error that you made me laugh... And I needed it. Always a pleasure! You make me smile, even in the bad times! -Anonymous USA

Everything said about my oldest daughter came true, to the day. -Anonymous USA

Honest. Overall good. -Anonymous USA

This reader is very good. Thank you. -Anonymous USA

This reader is great, grounding and helpful. Thank you so much. Even though I did not hear what I wanted, was very direct and honest. I would highly recommend her to anyone. Thank you. -Anonymous USA

Thanks for the insight. I'm just frustrated entirely. -Anonymous USA

Thanks for the reminder too. I'll keep it in mind and keep working on me. -Anonymous USA

Accurate. -Anonymous USA

Always excellent at picking up on details. Thank you, you must be so tired of me calling and asking about her over and over. But you're sticking to it and you're the best advisor on . I pray it comes to pass. -Anonymous USA

Quick and honest -Anonymous USA

Simply wonderful!! Exactly correct about what was going on!! Asked me zero questions!! Great connection! -Anonymous USA

You always seem to calm me, your right to the point. -Anonymous USA

Much thanks; I count on your consistency and accuracy and you never cease to deliver! Call; you will be amazed. Helping me face this situation without getting overwhelmed. She is a very gifted advisor...a must call. Her wisdom is amazing. -Anonymous USA

Thank for all your help...blessings. -Anonymous USA

Feeling. I couldn't believe she knew things ; that occurred between us- --without asking me any questions. -Anonymous USA

Thank you so much. A real help on a daily basis, you are just great. Thank you. -Anonymous USA

Thank you! Your support is so greatly appreciated and you are incredible! -Anonymous USA

Always like to call to get my weekly update. Thanks! Was 100% accurate on the last call. She told me things would work out with the pay and it did on time just like she said. She predictsthe rest of it will come in as it should as well as a second interview and subsequent offer. -Anonymous USA

Thank you. Things are getting better thank you again for the advice in the past and now. You are the best. -Anonymous USA

Thanks so much for shedding some light on my situation. I hope that we do come through this situation with the marriage staying intake. -Anonymous USA

Time will tell. -Anonymous USA

Compassionate and reassuring. The reading was positive and in line with other readers. -Anonymous USA

This is my first call and I got a very good impression of talent and style. Highly recommended. -Anonymous USA

You are the best and gave me great information. -Anonymous USA

Thanks for the honest thoughts. I'll call you again soon. -Anonymous USA

Great as always. Thanks a lot! -Anonymous USA

Out of all of the people I had ever spoken to, she seemed to be the most accurate one. -Anonymous USA

Her voice and calm demeanor made it easier to be relaxed at asking very important questions regarding my particular situation Calm and up to the point reader focusing on the bottom line. The call would be even shorter if I did not have to say how I feel. -Anonymous USA

Maintains his prediction in this challenging situation. I just have to keep going with this situational set back. Thanks , I appreciate your being steadfast -Anonymous USA

Thanks for all of your help. You are so accurate and to the point - I am very thankful to have connected with you. You are the best! -Anonymous USA

I don't ever doubt her. -Anonymous USA

Always nice to talk to you. Thank you so much. -Anonymous USA

I very much appreciate your honesty and insight and guidance. It truly makes all of the difference in the world to me. -Anonymous USA

Top-notch reading!! -Anonymous USA

Thanks ! -Anonymous USA

I feel so relieved now. -Anonymous USA

Concise, honest and has never changed her predictions for me. Thanks a million. Thanks again for the truth. -Anonymous USA

My first time calling. Found her to be very quick and to the point. I like this matter-of-factness. Will call her again. -Anonymous USA

It's always great to talk to you. Thank you so much for the insight and support. You are the best! -Anonymous USA

Tremendously gifted, professional advisor with wisdom and humor to help me understand these events. -Anonymous USA

I highly recommend this gifted and wonderful man (oh, and can be so funny too). Thanks so much for helping me sort the wheat out from the chaff! -Anonymous USA

Is so good at this thing he does. I have been talking to him periodically for over 4 years. He has been right with everything I have ever asked about. -Anonymous USA

The greatest part of the reading with him is that he will explain things and it has helped me more than I can say. Thank you. -Anonymous USA

Clarity as to the details is amazing. Told me things about what lead up to this point without clues. Thank for your amazing help. A must call. Thanks so much as always. -Anonymous USA

Was very helpful in that she told me the truth. I highly recommend calling her. I didn't have to ask a bunch of questions...she picked up on the person just as soon as I mentioned his name. -Anonymous USA

Excellent as always. And extraordinary trust from. Yes I agree. Blew me away. -Anonymous USA

Thank you, very good reader, and glad I called. -Anonymous USA

She is very patient with my repeated questions and doubts. Has not changed what she's been telling me the final outcome will be for the last year now. Keep me on track and as sane as I can get at this point. Thanks as always! Very accurate, told me things I did not want to hear but it was the truth. -Anonymous USA

Thanks. I believe that you were right. The tone of voice said more than the words themselves. -Anonymous USA

Still one of the best! -Anonymous USA

Was excellent to talk to! -Anonymous USA

You're the best and cant wait tell everything comes together! I highly recommend this reader! She is great. -Anonymous USA

Thank you again for your honest and direct support. -Anonymous USA

Thank you...always a pleasure Thank you. I very much appreciate your guidance. It is extraordinarily helpful and supportive toward my making good choices. Thank you! -Anonymous USA

I haven't talked to this reader for a very long time but the reading consistent as ever. Just amazing Thanks! Has been consistently accurate on his time frames. Sometimes I think I call to just find out that I handling my situation the right way. My time and money have never been wasted. Your awesome thanks again! -Anonymous USA

Thanks, I always appreciate your updates -Anonymous USA

One of my very, very favorites. She is definitely the best! -Anonymous USA

Very accurate, polite and tunes into the situation/person in question very quickly!! I love this psychic! -Anonymous USA

Great, great, great, great, great. Knows how to help focus you and point you in the right direction. -Anonymous USA

As always, thanks for all of your help. Wonderful and very accurate as always!! Thank you!! -Anonymous USA

Thanks - appreciate your help during those trying times. -Anonymous USA

You are the best! -Anonymous USA

Thanks for always listening to my repetitive questions. Youre awesome! -Anonymous USA

Your number 1 in my book! Thanks for being there! -Anonymous USA

Refreshingly honest, this was what I needed. Thank you again for your words of wisdom. Now, I just need to be honest with myself. -Anonymous USA

Thank you for your unwavering support and 100% accurate predictions! You are an angel on earth. -Anonymous USA

Right again. Thanks for keeping me in line. -Anonymous USA

As always, the best! -Anonymous USA

Thank you. -Anonymous USA

Great Psychic! She put my mind at ease today. Your insight is truly amazing. Thank you. -Anonymous USA

Thank you so much. I appreciate what you have to say and everything that seems ready to happen. -Anonymous USA

Thank you so much. 5 stars as always. -Anonymous USA

As always, thanks for all of your help. -Anonymous USA

You're wonderful! -Anonymous USA

Like talking to your best friend only better because the wisdom she imparts is impartial and divinely guided. Thank you and thank your muse for me too. Thanks a lot. -Anonymous USA

You've been right in the past, so Im remember that and take your suggestions. Thanks. -Anonymous USA

Thanks for your calm insight and truth. -Anonymous USA

Have to say, she is the best. I always go back to her and she's always right! Thanks again for everything! -Anonymous USA

Interesting. I will call again.Thanks again for all of your insight, patience and support - you have helped me navigate smoothly in rough waters. -Anonymous USA

Thanks, I appreciate your kindness and insight into my situation! It helps! -Anonymous USA

Thanks again. I Such a great counselor. -Anonymous USA

Very good. Is very professional. Very concise too. I've proven in the past that she's right.Is a trusted advisor. Over the past year, her predictions are amazingly accurate and aided me in steering clear of problems and averting -Anonymous USA

Thank you; Ill be in touch. -Anonymous USA

Thank you -Anonymous USA

Thank you! -Anonymous USA

Thank you, for always being there to listen and thank you for always being right! You are simply the best. -Anonymous USA

Thank you. You have never steered me wrong ever! -Anonymous USA

She is an honest and a gifted soul. Be prepared to hear the truth, not sugar code but real coded. Great reading thanks for the advise. -Anonymous USA

Very nice and helpful -Anonymous USA

You stuck to yours guns with the same outcome. But youre always right and I have so much faith in you! -Anonymous USA

Calm, confident, sensible, and convincing. Very professional -Anonymous USA

Thank you for your insight! As always... A very good reading. Thank you -Anonymous USA

Thanks again! -Anonymous USA

Is great! It just so happened that this occurred one week to the day before she projected. -Anonymous USA

My most trusted advisor. I may wear her out but she's steadfast in his prediction and she certainly makes himself available to all of us. Thanks a million. Thanks for the insight. -Anonymous USA

Your awesome -Anonymous USA

Always excellent -Anonymous USA

Thank you. You are simply the best! Sorry we got cut off. -Anonymous USA

Great as always. Thank you -- I am glad I called you. You are very accurate in your assessment of things the way they stand. Call her -Anonymous USA

Thanks for your valuable input. Guess it is time to speak up. -Anonymous USA

Was excellent to talk to! -Anonymous USA

I've called now for years due to accuracy. -Anonymous USA

She is honest. -Anonymous USA

She's ethical, very accurate in my assessment and most important, honest. Thank you. Thanks. You have been accurate for me in the past. -Anonymous USA

Awesome reading and psychic. -Anonymous USA

Thank you! I appreciate your listening and support and guidance facilitating my getting and staying clear. And, of course, not doing anything inconsistent with being patient, for it's all at hand... Thank you. -Anonymous USA

Excellent as always! -Anonymous USA

A great reading! Helped me sort the chaos from what is real, Thanks for the info. I'm sure call again with more questions. -Anonymous USA

You were right again. Thanks -Anonymous USA

Great -Anonymous USA

Thank you so much for everything I don't really know what Id do without you! -Anonymous USA

Always amazing Thank you so much for all your support and for helping me stays focused. You are so insightful and accurate. Always the best! -Anonymous USA

Amazingly accurate. On the money more often than not...99% of the time and then some. Fantastic! -Anonymous USA

Thanks a lot. Great advice. I will update you. -Anonymous USA

She's wonderful...! Thanks so much! -Anonymous USA

Thank you. As always thank you. -Anonymous USA

Is better than a therapist. -Anonymous USA

Thank you. You are awesome as always. -Anonymous USA

Thanks for the insight and advice. -Anonymous USA

Awesome, as always. -Anonymous USA

Ill be coming back for more. -Anonymous USA

Picked up on my situation without me speaking. -Anonymous USA

Ive had many readings in my life -- but htis one was astounding -Anonymous USA

Beyond awesome. -Anonymous USA

Terrific -Anonymous USA

Thank you -Anonymous USA

Nice reading -thanks -Anonymous USA

Wow - great reading. -Anonymous USA

Ill be back for a reading on business. -Anonymous USA

Sorry ran out of time. Very compassionate reader. -Anonymous USA

I enjoyed this reading. Very perceptive. -Anonymous USA

I am impressed. Not the style Im use to. Doesnt matter --- a good reading is just that! -Anonymous USA

Ill be back. -Anonymous USA

Thank you so much. -Anonymous USA

Very intuitive -Anonymous USA

Ive read with her many years and she never fails. -Anonymous USA

Very in tune with names and places. -Anonymous USA

Just amazing. I was shocked she got a name. -Anonymous USA

Try her. She is good. -Anonymous USA

Clarified many things -Anonymous USA

I definitley will recommend her -Anonymous USA

Thank you -Anonymous USA

Thanks -Anonymous USA

Thanks I like her deliverance! She's put insight as I shall look for these I took notes! Thank you :) -Anonymous USA

Great reading -Anonymous USA

very good, thank you -Anonymous USA

Great Reading -Anonymous USA

A must call! -Anonymous USA

This was a great reading. Truly a spiritual coach! -Anonymous USA

sorry run out of funds. -Anonymous USA

recommended -Anonymous USA

Thank you -Anonymous USA

Great call! The reader provided relevant insight into the situation, which was healing in its perspective. -Anonymous USA

I guess I will try to go outside today. Yes, you are correct I hardly go outside. I will see what happens with the lawyer. -Anonymous USA

You are so amazing! Before the call I prayed that you allow yourself to be used for me to gain insight. And you did just that. I thank you and enjoyed speaking with you. Wishing you more good than you can ever experience or imagine. -Anonymous USA

wonderful accurate, insightful and kind! -Anonymous USA

Ty ! This was first time speaking with . I loved her delivery of the information she gave me. Also the speed in which she gave it. I have spoken with other card readers before and they seemed a bit slow on reading the cards. Not !! She was great!! Her predictions were in line with other advisers I have spoken with. predicted K would pay me back in about 4 days. And L will contact me in about 6-8 days. And the current relationship L is in will end soon. And L and I will be starting to date sometime after that. I hope 's predictions come to pass. I will be calling for updates. Ty again !! Have a wonderful day!!!! :0) -Anonymous USA

Was very upbeat and to the point! Very helpful!! Thank you. Call her. -Anonymous USA

5 stars - has good insights. Won't tell you only what you want to hear, which is definitely a good thing. I felt she was accurate. -Anonymous USA

Great -Anonymous USA

Excellent! -Anonymous USA

Awesome awesome Awesome!!! -Anonymous USA

Excellent insight and lovely person!! thx so much! -Anonymous USA

Excellent informative reading! Thank you sharing your gifts -Anonymous USA

Thank you. -Anonymous USA

2 weeks ago I called. Said I would be invited in for an in-person interview within the next 3-5 days and he was right. Got the call on Monday for an interview on Thursday. -Anonymous USA

You are great. Thank you -Anonymous USA

Just like you mentioned about M. Thank you -Anonymous USA

Thank you. great call. -Anonymous USA

Thank you -Anonymous USA

It is great to talk to . I love her reading style...very positive and uplifting, thought provoking,and based in truth -Anonymous USA

Always nice talking to . She's full of information and doesn't wast time. -Anonymous USA

Thank you. -Anonymous USA

Much thanks to you for taking my calls. I felt a good connection to my situation and I look forward to a great future. -Anonymous USA

Sees far and beyond. I like her calm way of message delivery. -Anonymous USA

Strong connection and accurate. -Anonymous USA

Thank you from my heart. I was meant to call you today, you were so helpful and kind. Thank you for asking about me, I didn't mean to go there but it was so nice to hear from someone with your insight I just need to find my strength and that I will find my strength and there is a lot of good things that will be there for me when I do. I appreciated your help with my son and the other person I asked about, I definitely let you know the outcome with both, you are a keeper :) XOXOXO -Anonymous USA

Thanks, ! You are always so positive to talk to. At least this time I had some fun things going on to discuss. Thanks for your insights. They are always most welcomed! -Anonymous USA

Is great as always. -Anonymous USA

Wow..this advisor picked right up on everything..said he values my friendship..those are his exact words that she said right at the beginning of the reading..she was dead on with things with little info offered...I love him..want him happy and am praying he will see if given the chance, I think we could be a great team together and make each other very happy..he is a great man I have know for 6 years..I started having the chance..let him go to figure it hope he comes back like you see. Will keep you were great helped..thank you -Anonymous USA

Wow. Give him a call. Thanks. -Anonymous USA

Hhe is consistent. I am amazed when things she mentions occurs. Great call. Thanks. -Anonymous USA

You did it again. You nailed my interview situation. You said you saw a committee of people. I was interviewed by 9 people at a board room table today. Your timing for how soon after my call I would be contacted for an interview was acurrate. I really appreciate how you pick up very specific details that give me confirmation from Spirit that you are providing a message that is just for and about me. Everything from knowing about the pain in my left wrist to knowing the details of past breakups without a word from me. Thank you for sharing your gift! -Anonymous USA

Simply awesome...just gets better and better. Thank you:):) Do yourself a favor and make this call to , you will be smiling:):) like me. -Anonymous USA

Simply superb!!! Amazing and very insightful... was able to pick up the entire situation very quickly and unfolded certain events very clearly. A must call. Excellent lady, wonderful soul, and a genuine gem. Thank you, :):) -Anonymous USA

very good reading. pickeed up on things before me asking. clear and to the point. Thank you -Anonymous USA

Great call. -Anonymous USA

Thank you -Anonymous USA

Can't wait for things to unfold and know they will being this advisor won't steer your wrong, offers details that lets you know they are tapped into you and when things occur as they see...can't wait til that happens when some already is starting to..Thank you :) -Anonymous USA

She is a gem. I left feeling much better. -Anonymous USA

She is great! -Anonymous USA

Awesome! -Anonymous USA

Wow, engagement as little as four weeks. Him getting a job within 30-40 days. Doing contractual work in the interim that will pay well. I will have my lateral transfer and know by Tuesday or Wednesday. -Anonymous USA

Love talking to you!! Thank you -Anonymous USA

Thank you -Anonymous USA

Right on point...Wow!! Thanks again -Anonymous USA

Always a great call. give her a call. -Anonymous USA

You were right! His friend just got engaged like you saw. One of many predictions that have come to pass. An amazing reader! -Anonymous USA

This lady is wonderful! She knew so much, she picked up on everything incredibly accurately before I really could say anything. I came away with a lot of insight.Wonderful manner, so kind, will definately phone again -Anonymous USA

Was fabulous!! So positive, empowering, healing. I so needed to have the talk we did. She picked up on many things about my life and the people I asked about. Will be back to update. Can't wait to speak with her again. Such a wonderful experience...Thank you. -Anonymous USA

Fantastic; I highly recomend her. -Anonymous USA

Funds are low today. great as usual. -Anonymous USA

That was a very wonderful literally gave me an ease of breath and very honest and kind..i like you a lot! will call back with more funds..thank you tons! -Anonymous USA

This was a great call. was very friendly and out my mind at ease. I will be calling again. -Anonymous USA

So wonderful and sweet. I loved Ts energy. I will call again in the future. -Anonymous USA

Wonderful psychic, recommended. -Anonymous USA

Is so wonderful..thanks and yes I will keep it up..has been a bit of a challange but I am also pulled back as well but today was really nice, I did talk alot to him and him to me as it has always been even before we started to hang out and then became intimate..that is what I was missing, I do want him in my life more than as me a client but glad you see him slipping and realizing what he wants and that is not 3 months totally out lol...thank you will keep you posted -Anonymous USA

Thank you very much for the clarity and for thinking of me. May your light continue to shine. Will call back soon. -Anonymous USA

Hey ---You are just that. Sorry we ran out of time, but I got exactly what I needed for now. I feel inspired, relaxed and guided. You reaffirmed exactly what I needed to know. I got what I needed. Thank you so much. Exceptional! Exceptional! We'll speak again. Cheers. :) -Anonymous USA

Thanks! -Anonymous USA

Excellent. -Anonymous USA

VERY GOOD CALL. She is amazingly uplifting and super fast ingiving answers. She has an awesome personality :) she is a must call. VERY ACCURATE. THANK YOU! -Anonymous USA

I could have talked all night! very detailed and accurate. She is a must call. -Anonymous USA

A must call if your really need clarity and love the fact that she will not lie to you or make you believe things that are not there...honest, fast, accurate and she cares...thanks so much:) -Anonymous USA

Good reading. She was able to pick up on many things. Thanks! -Anonymous USA

Excellent. -Anonymous USA

Excellent reading, thank you so much -Anonymous USA

Fantastic reading. Knew things that were impossible to know. Highly recommend -Anonymous USA

Nice reading. She picked up the guy in question and I live close by. Many other advisors mentioned distance between us, which is true. But she called it right. Looking forward to your timeframes! Thank you! -Anonymous USA

EXCELLENT! I am adding more funds and will call you back asap. What an amazing advisor! 5+++++ stars! -Anonymous USA

You said everything was going to turn out well -- in much detail. thank you. give her a call. -Anonymous USA

Thank you -Anonymous USA

FABULOUS! Everything, abosultley EVERYTHING she laid out for me on Wednesday unfolded yesterday like a movie script. Not only is she insightful but brilliant in that she can layer information in clear terms so that not only can I understand it, I can follow it step-by-step to a successful resolution. TY! One of the best on this site. CALL HER! -Anonymous USA

You have been correct. thanks. -Anonymous USA

Sorry no funds to continue the call. I will call again. -Anonymous USA

Thank you for your patience and helping me unflod the drama. You are on point. A must call. -Anonymous USA

Also so clear in what she see's and it all makes sense and she is right on with things even as difficult as my case is :) Thanks so much -Anonymous USA

Great as always! -Anonymous USA

First time caller to ...she is wonderful! She explains things nicely, gives good insight into the situation, and is filled with positive engery. She helps explain the choices I have, and just makes everything seem like it will be ok. -Anonymous USA

Thank you for the clarifications! -Anonymous USA

First time caller - the reading was fabulous! Thank you so much for your time and insight tonight. I believe you hit the nail on the head - and I will absolutely call again. THANK YOU! -Anonymous USA

Wonderful call...She is great...thank you -Anonymous USA

Thank you as always. Will update you soon. -Anonymous USA

Thank You :-) 5***** :-) You are a very wise lady! -Anonymous USA

She is so dead on the money it's not even funny! She picked up on me seeing J and was right! She hit every nail on the head. A definite call back. -Anonymous USA

Is AWESOME! She is right-on, very calming, and gives insight and advice you can use. I will definitely be calling her again. I look forward to things manifesting as she predicts and can't wait to call her back to tell her so. Thanks so much! -Anonymous USA

Always a pleasure to speak to. Very intuitive and picks on things not spoken of. Very good call. -Anonymous USA

Very nice lady! Very honest -Anonymous USA

Definitely the real deal. Will tell you before you can tell her. Also will pick on specifics with no information from me. ECL will even go into detail about things I dont bring up but want to know about. -Anonymous USA

Listen to . I am amazed at some of the things she says. She mentioned my arm and indeed I am having issues with my arm. Thank you. -Anonymous USA

If I could give a gazillion stars I would choose that... is amazing - really saw deeply into my situation and as her profile says helped me with knowledge to empower myself and my choices... she is an excellent and great adviser... if you are looking for deeper answers along with your question she can deliver. Thank you again ! I really really appreciated your patience and kindness... and your insight and compassion as well as your genuine interest in my peace of mind and well being! Thank you! -Anonymous USA

Always a great reading full of true insight into the situation. -Anonymous USA

Always great taking to ! She's very down to earth and reads a situation very well. -Anonymous USA

Wow; she is very good. -Anonymous USA


TY -Anonymous USA

This reader was right on in what he said. He asked if there was some reason I might encounter a particular person and I responded with no. Hhe went on to tell me that he saw a brief meeting between this individual and myself. Yesterday afternoon, that brief meeting that he saw did indeed take place. That was pretty cool - hhe described something and it happens the next afternoon. Hhe is someone I will definately continue to call. -Anonymous USA

Thanks. is honest, and helps you work with the situation. -Anonymous USA

Insightful and accurate once again. -Anonymous USA

Thank you you were wonderful! Wish I could have kept adding more $$$. Definitely would recommend you to anyone. You are the real deal. Thank you! -Anonymous USA

Thank you so much , I could have spoken to you all night!! I look forward to everything you said come to fruition. All the best! -Anonymous USA

omg...she was very good...i will caLL HER AGAIN AND AGAIN.. -Anonymous USA

Oh my goodness! this lady is a MUST call!! she was so right on with details, she did not ask any questions and I did not provide any details of my situation! She nailed the situation to a T!!! LOVE her! not only was she so very right on, also so very friendly! a lady with a beautiful gift, spirit! -Anonymous USA

Excellent kind compassionate full of details and heartfelt advice, she knows so much about everything. Amazing advisor that is why I have been a loyal customer. Thanks. I feel so much better after talking to you as usual hugs :) -Anonymous USA

Great. She nailed the decription of my guy and saw things very clearly. Good call! -Anonymous USA

Your insight is a Godsend -Anonymous USA

P H E N O M E N O L -Anonymous USA

Follow up: Told me that I would visit D after the nite was over and I did. She also said E and I would make-up and see each other towards the end of the week and we did. AWESOME!! She is a must call. -Anonymous USA

She is a divine spirit, always on point, I wish we could chat everyday, she told me I passed my test, and to start celebrating, and I have. Thats how much I believe in her. -Anonymous USA

Wow is all I can say!!! I really only had one question but everything that was revealed was worth the conversation!!! She predicted one of my dreams from the past!! When I say a must call and an amazing lady. That is truth! 30 days she says and I will definitely update you! Thanks so much Kids, love and blessings to you:-) -Anonymous USA

Update on previous call: EXACTLY what she predicted happened....GREAT NEWS and I am beyond happy!!!! She predicted in 13 was 13 to THE DAY - WOW she is the absolute REAL DEAL and now my favorite advisor :) -Anonymous USA

Very accurate vision into my life situation without me telling her!!! I so VERY look forward to the prediction 13 days from now... it could not come soon enough. THANK YOU!! -Anonymous USA

Amazing as usual -Anonymous USA

As always a great call with direct and to the point information. -Anonymous USA

Fantastic. -Anonymous USA

It was great talking with you. I will call again. -Anonymous USA

Is the best!!! The things she know that I don't even ask is amazing! You're a big help and I appreciate your time and concern....hopefully the next time we speak he will have made progress :-) -Anonymous USA

Thank you. you were correct again -Anonymous USA

Thanks for clarifying and I look forward to the good things you see. Had to go, it was somebody's feeding time lol will connect when I get mommy time:-) -Anonymous USA

Thanks again. -Anonymous USA

Reading was quick connection and straight to the point. Will see if predictions will come about... Will call again when needed. Thank you very much. -Anonymous USA

It was 100% correct with her timeframe. She said I would get contact in 2 days and I did. She also indicated some was truth and some would not be. She is a must call. is on the money. Thanks you . Love and light -Anonymous USA

This was my first call to and she had wonderful energy. Clearly read the situation I asked her about and while her answer was not easy to deliver, she told me the truth. Very nice, personable, detailed and easy to talk to. -Anonymous USA

Thanks!! The reading was good but she is kind of slow. She is slow with shuffling the cards, laying the cards and explaining the reading. The time goes by really fast because she is kinda slow but the reading was pretty on point. I would recommended her but be sure that your pockets are deep because she is not quick. -Anonymous USA


All news is good to me cause even the bad Godworks out for my good . Thanks again for your insight? Love and blessings to you! -Anonymous USA

This lady is the best!!! I now wait on you to be available to answer my questions!? Thank you for your honesty and advice!! Got disconnectedt but that was my fault -Anonymous USA

Thanks it was wonderful, so accurate to my current situation. Will keep you posted. -Anonymous USA

Thank you. You're very nice and very talented. -Anonymous USA

Thank you. great call. -Anonymous USA

Thank you for confirming my instincts. When one door closes, another opens. I must have more faith. -Anonymous USA

WOW! I really enjoyed speaking to her. She was so on point and non-judgmental. Very quick and in-tuned to the person I called about. Gave a date that blew me away because that is the date my new place will be avail. A DEFINITE callback! -Anonymous USA

Yep you were right! He did stay and again playful with no dattitude lol is the best, gets to the answers you need no time wasted and a pleasure to speak with! A million thanks:-) -Anonymous USA

Very very good! Would definitely recommend her! -Anonymous USA



Is very intuitive and gifted. Thank you -Anonymous USA

Thank you! -Anonymous USA

Is very talented and intuitive. She is also a very nice person. -Anonymous USA

Thank you. I apologize for asking the same questions. -Anonymous USA

Extremely accurate. I was blown away by the level of detail that she picked up. She has a very calming, honest approach. Several things she has predicted have come to pass for me. Highly recommend. -Anonymous USA

Sorry low on fund today but thanks for trying togive me as much insight as possible. You're the best -Anonymous USA

The best advisor. I wish we could call weekly, she told me I passed my test and to celebrate, and I have. -Anonymous USA

Called back for one question but I was able to get 2 questions in. Thanks! -Anonymous USA

I love she is the best...I will always call her. she tell the truth no matter if it good or bad. -Anonymous USA

Thank you for your time and energy -Anonymous USA

Thanks... always a pleasure speaking with you no matter the news:-) -Anonymous USA

Wow, so amazing how much she can see! my main go to guide is and she never fails me! -Anonymous USA

could talk to you all day!! Ran out of funds but thank you so much for the info. i love how detailed and honest you are. you were right about him taking a trip so we'll see how it plays out.:-) will follow up again -Anonymous USA

Thanks for your guidance, patience and kindness. Have the intentions, believe in them, and then let the Universe figure out how to make it happen for you. -Anonymous USA

Fast and accurate. -Anonymous USA

Thank You ! I called back about the manifestation of the last reading I had with her... her first prediction came through (I would get a text from the person I called about - next day got text) and then from there things have become better and better - really sees into your situation and you energy... I asked for some more advice this time, and will be following... thank you again! really wonderful Adviser! -Anonymous USA

God has some serious work to do on my situation!!! lol thanks for your insight, will let you know what happens after tonight -Anonymous USA

Thank you,,,,,, you were bang-on about the work thing!! :-] -Anonymous USA

Thank you for your time and energy and your directness -Anonymous USA

Much gratitude for the reading, ! Great confirmation on the latter question. And the initial advice helped to set my heart at ease. Thanks again. -Anonymous USA

Thanks ! I'm trying to get out of having this conversation!!! lol -Anonymous USA

RIght again on the exact day! Fantastic! -Anonymous USA

She said I might get contact yesterday but most definitely by late afternoon on the 4th. She said it would be a text and it was and on the 4th before late afternoon. Excellent. -Anonymous USA

Thank you. I will exhale it all out. -Anonymous USA

Wow! I will be back for more:) -Anonymous USA

Thanks -Anonymous USA

Great call -Anonymous USA

You articulated and confirmed what I was sensing, which helped me to make the best decision given the context. Thanks very much! -Anonymous USA

I really hope youre right... thanks. -Anonymous USA

Ty, will call back -Anonymous USA

Fantastic and has been very accurate on days and what occurs, excellent! -Anonymous USA

Awesome. Ill be back soon -Anonymous USA

A great reader will call again very accurate and insightful. -Anonymous USA

The advice you gave about making an index card and sending love and light every time I think about the situation was powerful. Thank you. -Anonymous USA


Excellent reading! I have having readings on a regular basis...sometimes four times a day! This psychic is no joke! I want to bump her right to the top of my A+ list! Thanks. If all the dates come true...I am in for a wonderful change. -Anonymous USA

awesome! thanks so much!! -Anonymous USA

Is an adorable and very clairvoyant woman. Very detailed, very friendly, very sensitive! Brings up a lot of details. Well chosen words and descriptions. I am very happy that we phoned. Thank you !!! Be blessed. -Anonymous USA

What a awesome reading. You have a heavenly voice that brings comfort, security and promise to your clients. I could have spoken to you much longer! Folks is straight and to the point in her delivery. She gives you tons of details and she has great intuitive ability. I will be calling you back for new incites into my new life. Thank you very much. -Anonymous USA

Thanks, ! Sorry for the abrupt ending -Anonymous USA

Sorry didn't have much funds but i will try exactly what you told me. -Anonymous USA

Thank you for giving me hope at this difficult time. -Anonymous USA


Don't know what happened with the chat but we shall see lol -Anonymous USA

Thank U! -Anonymous USA

Is definately one of my favorites. She's such a nice person to talk to but she is spooky accurate. Out of the blue, she asked me a question about my daughter and she was dead on. I had a conversation with my daughter and 's words hit home with her and had a profound impact. I'm so grateful. I highly recommend her. -Anonymous USA

Thanks -Anonymous USA

Thank you! -Anonymous USA

You are amazing. Will call back in a few days. -Anonymous USA

Is such a pleasure to speak to. His previous prediction came true so looking forward to his advice this time around. Quick, thoughtful, and accurate! -Anonymous USA

Always a great read! thank you! -Anonymous USA

Gives incredibly spot-on readings. Thanks -Anonymous USA

First time speaking to him and was so pleasantly surprised. Several times she took the words right out of my mouth and picked up on things accurately. Also, she was a very kind and nurturing person to speak to. Sooo glad I found him here. Thank you so much! -Anonymous USA

Always a pleasure, ! Hhe is always kind, compassionate and sees things that I don't. Thanks for being there. -Anonymous USA

Oh my gosh is like the best best best there is. You will love this reader. I will keep on calling for sure. -Anonymous USA

Listens carefully and is very understanding. Very good life coach -Anonymous USA

Great call. thank you -Anonymous USA

Very, very awesome and wonderful, great, inspiring, knowing woman! Very exact! My life coach who gives words to what's in me and what's to come, step by step. Brilliant& wonderful. THANK YOU -Anonymous USA

Thank you! You've helped me a lot with family issues, inner blockings and gave me advice on how to deal with it. And she was right on track with my love/relationship, thank you many times! -Anonymous USA

Is the best she is very helpful and knowledgeable about everything!! Not to mention very accurate. -Anonymous USA

Ahh, sorry got cut off. Thank you for an awesome reading. Your previous predictions have come true and I know what you are saying is the real deal. Happy holidays! -Anonymous USA

Very detailed. We were disconnected but I will call back. -Anonymous USA

Thanks ! It was good talking to you again. Wish I could've gotten the end of what you were saying but my budget is strict lol been watching things unfold and hoping you're right about this!!! Expecting greatness:-) ttyl -Anonymous USA

Thank you for the kind support and understanding. -Anonymous USA

Right on point. Great insight. -Anonymous USA

Thank you -Anonymouis USA

Thank you ! You have a wonderful intuitive and knowing feeling and ability. I learned that the hints and comments which tells unfold when its time. She comes up with info by herself which support and suit the situation and adds the picture. Very good reader of personalities, lifeststyles and emotions -Anonymous USA

Another Awesome call!! You are such a blessing in the way that you demonstrate patience with your callers but also delivering your message quickly and with great detail.I recommend that every one that reads this give her a call and experience what I am telling you now. She is one of the best on everyone needs to know. Many blessings and thank you. -Anonymous USA

Thanks for the info. Awaiting some things to happen still. We shall see how it goes -Anonymous USA

Thanks for the support! -Anonymous USA

Great insight. Thank you so much -Anonymous USA

Thanks for giving me hope! Lol looking forward and will let you know how it turns out. -Anonymous USA

Thanks for all your help! -Anonymous USA

Thanks again for all your help! Great reading! -Anonymous USA

Is so understanding and kind. -Anonymous USA

Amazing, !!! I am very happy to have spoken to you! You really enlighten me with insights or just put the right words in. Thank you! Definately to be recommended. -Anonymous USA

5***** and then some, is so psychic it gave me goose bumps, and she is very kind & caring reader -- no sugar coating, a very caring tell-you-like-it-is reading. Highly recommend!!! :-) -Anonymous USA

Thank u soo much will keep posted -Anonymous USA

An awesome reader and the best. -Anonymous USA

Can't thank you enough -- you got right to the heart of the issue & I will work on what you advised. Love & blessings to you!!! -Anonymous USA

She has told me some information. I will leave feeback up if they come true or not. I hope the best. Due to a chat not sure how on the phone. at this time nothing negative. Thank you for your help -Anonymous USA

Is very calm and friendly to talk with. She is very insightful and reassuring. She is consistant with her predictions.She predicted that JCH would text me within 2 hours and he did just minutes after speaking with . She predicted JCH contacting me within 3 days, possibly seeing him today or tomorrow. She said he would talk to me about what is going on with K and him. She predicted within 3 to 14 days JCH and I would be talking and seeing each other more. She does not see a b. Also predicted JCH going on business trip within 12 days. I will update as things unfold. Thank you !!! -Anonymous USA

Thanks for the great reading! -Anonymous USA

Always a great reading and always on point, knows situations im not even calling about hits them right on the head! thank you again! -Anonymous USA

Great info -Anonymous USA

Thank you so much!!!! Your are awesome. Everything was helpful and realistic and pertinent to now. I didn't speak on everything bothering me. But, I will give u another call. I will keep you posted. Thanks :) -Anonymous USA

Very good, thank you -Anonymous USA

Wonderful! said my meeting for my son would be rough in the beginning but it would go in our favor.... She was right!!! She said I would see him in 1-3 days and I saw him tonight....She is just AWESOME!! -Anonymous USA

Is just great to talk to! She told me I would have a relationship that would "just flow". Didn't get it at the time but now dating a very special person that "flows". Thanks a million!! -Anonymous USA

Your compassion, truth, and Insight have been so helpful and healing to me as I try to navigate dealing with the mixed emotions of a broken heart. Thank you for the healing exercise you walked me through yesterday. Your more than just a typical reader. You are a gifted healer and amazingly accurate. I feel so blessed to know you. I'll be in touch. -Anonymous USA

You are so on point. Thank you for helping to give me clarity. -Anonymous USA

Thanks again you hit everything right on the nail as always! -Anonymous USA

Awesome. -Anonymous USA

Thanks for everything! -Anonymous USA

Always detailed and no matter what sees the same outcome. Thanks always enjoy our talks -Anonymous USA

Thanks for your wonderful reading, I am amazed by everything you pick up & your accuracy & kindness -- thanks again!! -Anonymous USA

Thx ! You always give great advice. -Anonymous USA

Thx. Will call back -Anonymous USA

Is wonderful. Thank you for the insight very accurate & looking forward to her predictions!! :-) She's so talented -Anonymous USA

Is wonderful. She picked up on where and what I am currently doing without prompting from me. She totally gave me insight as to some questions I had and it sparked some connections I was able to make. I am relieved. Highly recommend her. -Anonymous USA

Great call once again. Thank you for bringing up to date on health, romance and business.I believe you are spot on and your delivery was very relaxing. Thank you -Anonymous USA

EXACTLY right on prediction again!!! -Anonymous USA

Sorry , I ran out of funds. I've been talking with for several months now and I can say she is the real deal. Many of her predictions have come true for me. She is friendly, easy to talk to, helpful, non-judgemental, professional, detailed and very accurate!!! A real gem and a sweetheart! A million stars!!! I am grateful to have found and I will continue to call her. Give her a call folks, you won't be disappointed. -Anonymous USA

Many thanks! -Anonymous USA

Thank you so much , I know your prolly sick of my drama lol but you always help with so much and your always right thank you again! -Anonymous USA

Appreciate your reading!! :-) -Anonymous USA

You are so awesome. I truly enjoy catching up with you. Thank you soooo much. -Anonymous USA

Over the past few calls you've hit the nail on the head! Thanks for listening and for being there when i need someone to talk to. not sure how this will all turn out, but you have made me feel better by being there. -Anonymous USA

Is awesome. What she "sees" ends up being spot on. She has helped immensely with several different things. Highly recommend. -Anonymous USA

I really do like her style of reading. I hope her predictions come true. She says in 10 days I should see a change in him of more communication. In 35 days he should be wanting to come back and he will call me to tell me what is going on. -Anonymous USA

Will call back. -Anonymous USA

I loved my reading...I felt her advice was on point and reflected what I viewed and felt about this situations. I really enjoyed my reading and I will definitely will call back. -Anonymous USA

Awesome! Thanks! -Anonymous USA

Many thanks!! :-) I appreciate your reading & accuracy & caring!! :-) -Anonymous USA

Hit the nail on the head in regard to my daughter. Her message was significant for her and made her cry. highly recommend. -Anonymous USA

Thanks so much for the confirmation. -Anonymous USA

Excellent! -Anonymous USA

As usual very helpful. -Anonymous USA

Thank you -Anonymous USA

Very good reader. Thank you! -Anonymous USA

Many thanks! Appreciate your reading!! Have a great week :) -Anonymous USA

Awesome reading. -Anonymous USA

Thanks, ! You always make me feel better. Plus you are very accurate so I don't have to worry what's going to happen. I'll just relax, enjoy life and see what happens next. -Anonymous USA

Thanks, one of my faves! -Anonymous USA

Ill be back in a bit - great reading -Anonymous USA

Awesome reading as always! thanks -Anonymous USA

No hype or fluff,,,,just the unbiased truth with your higher good in mind every time you cal. Accuracy I h ave count ed on for years. -Anonymous USA

You are amazing , thank you :) -Anonymous USA

Thanks for the update.... I appreciate all you do for me. Wish you wrernt always right :) -Anonymous USA

As always, is fast, funny, very caring, professional & accurate! Let's see: she was right about my fri end's circumstances & timing about hearing from her; she was right about another frined's love life & unexpected return of an ex with healing words; she was right about several extremely specific descriptions about someone's physical features & dress. She made several very helpful business suggestions. Helpful is an understatement - these were really powerful and course changing. She is the bomb! Callher! xoxoxo -Anonymous USA

Her support means so much to me right now. She's the best! Thanks , I'll let you know when the call co mes through. -Anonymous USA

You were right :) -Anonymous USA

Thank you so much ! -Anonymous USA


A Godsend! has been helping me pick out the right contractors for my house which is undergoing mol d re media tion, a very stressful process. helped me pick out the right mold remediator after another one i had picked without her guidance failed to complete the job. Our new contractor is professional and competent just as said he would be. I cannot thank her enough for the help and support she has given me through this unbelievably stressful process. Five stars are never enough for her! -Anonymous USA

Thank you so much , you are amazing! -Anonymous USA

Thank you -Anonymous USA

He called just like you predicted. -Anonymous USA

Very goooooooood call... Was point on for everything, and I'm very very excited.. Will keep you upd ated and let you know what happens... Thank you for all the good stuff and you were dead accurate about J... Thanks again... Be blessed -Anonymous USA

Where I see obstacles sees progress. I believe in him and he has always worked for my highest good. Thanks -Anonymous USA

Always the best. great prediction! -Anonymous USA

always said he'd come home...want to stay...and here he is...keeps extending how long h e's sta ying. Moved his stuff back home...lots of talking about the future and what has to change....took your advice. :) Even when I doubt you--you never fail me. Worth a galaxy of stars folks, and I have been calling her for years. She has NEVER been wrong about anything -Anonymous USA

Awesome!!! Always so accurate -Anonymous USA

Great call, love how quick she is, straight to the point with a lot of info. I will call back with update -Anonymous USA

Thank you !! -Anonymous USA

Always great talking to you, hope your prediction comes true. I really miss her! -Anonymous USA

Sorry we got cut I was saying--exactly as you said the weekend would be--so it was. Also the r oom mate thin g--now has Ill keep you posted on the conversation about here-forward today. She's the best people...always has your best interests at heart and never steers you wrong. -Anonymous USA

Thanks for looking into it. you don't see that as emotional involvement. I'll follow your advice and l et him appro ach. Thanks -Anonymous USA

I will keep you updated, glad you were on tonight! -Anonymous USA

Thank you , you are wonderful!! -Anonymous USA

Glad I didn't do anything wrong, I couldn't figure out what the hell happened, thanks for explaining it. -Anonymous USA

Got the job finally. :) everything will go okay at new place, not to worry. still sees person in que sti on c oming back here soon. lets wait and see when this one happens too. thanks Jag. much love -Anonymous USA

Rocks! -Anonymous USA

Thanks for the call. i still believe you picked up my ex-bf's energy instead of this guy i dated bac k in 2009 . what you said makes prefect sense.. that i left my ex becuz he always took advantage of me, and let me wait. i agree with you 100% that he thought i would never move on. thats exactly why i dumped him. too bad he didnt believe it. still making me wait for me to come around.. i liked the advice you gave me. ur a wonderful gifted reader. will def call back! thanks. -Anonymous USA

My life is a lot less stressful because of 's guidance. Once again awesome as always! -Anonymous USA

Sorry , tried to add, couldn't I will let you know when I hear something, glad he is not up set with me -Anonymous USA

Great! thanks so much, you totally picked up my work sit with out me saying a thing. nailed it! -Anonymous USA

Thank you , looking for your prediction happen as always you never wrong :) xoxoxo -Anonymous USA

Thank you for your help and your honesty, it is appreciated -Anonymous USA

Everything just as you said it would be thank you -Anonymous USA

Excellent. told me I would hear from a guy in 7 days or sooner, I heard from him the next day. Than k y ou s o muc h -Anonymous USA

You are amazing ! -Anonymous USA

Again right to the point and very helpful Thank you -Anonymous USA

Thanks for the support and help. I dont know what I would do without you. If it wasn't for you I woul dn' t be able to sleep tonight. Love her. -Anonymous USA

Every question I have she answer acurately this reader is phenomal, no disappointment. -Anonymous USA

You are amazing , thank you! -Anonymous USA

Hopefully her from her this week -Anonymous USA

Awesome. Always on right on her predictions and provides great guidance! So worth the money! -Anonymous USA

Thank you for all the information tonight, you are awesome!!! It is so good to hear that i am on the ri ght tra ck on this, and that you see it will be ok:D Will keep you updated! -Anonymous USA

Thank you for the clarity and faith. -Anonymous USA

Reduces a lot of my stress. Great as always! -Anonymous USA

Thank you. very professional. will wait to see about predictions. -Anonymous USA

She was very helpful, and honest. I love talking to her! Shes my favorite advisor. Thanks so much -Anonymous USA

Awesome reading, thank you. -Anonymous USA

I did everything you told me and things are working out just fine -Anonymous USA

Thank you - great reading! -Anonymous USA

Excellent! Straight to the point! Accurate and very confident. Doesn't waste time or money! Awaiting predictions! Ty! -Anonymous USA

Fabulous! A straight shooter, and her insights are accurate and honest. Definitely gifted. Thank you! -Anonymous USA

Thank you! -Anonymous USA

Very accurate. -Anonymous USA

Great reading, thank you -Anonymous USA

Thank you so much -Anonymous USA

Thank you! -Anonymous USA

Picked up on everything. -Anonymous USA

All-time favorite reader. -Anonymous USA

Amazing -Anonymous USA

Absolutely the best ever -Anonymous USA

Extremely good ...Thank you -Anonymous USA

Thank u -Anonymous USA

Was excellent!! Accurate on so many things!!!!! I will recommend for sure! -Anonymous USA

Excellent!! Delivered the most amount of insights in a short period of time! I appreciate u ! Very genuine reader -Anonymous USA

Thank you thank you; what she said about my job opportunity. -Anonymous USA

Thank you for all your help and patience with my situation. You are a wonderful and caring person -Anonymous USA

Thank you! -Anonymous USA

Thank you for a wonderful reading! You were great in answering my questions, and I look forward to all the things you mentioned, and hope they unfold like you said. You were awesome and if anyone wants a great reading, please give a call! -Anonymous USA

Thank you for the update... A lot of info -Anonymous USA

Excellent reader. I have been using for years. At the top of my list -Anonymous USA

Seriously great! -Anonymous USA

Thank You ... Great call. -Anonymous USA

Thank you for your help and support -Anonymous USA

Amazing and picked up on things -Anonymous USA

Thank you :) -Anonymous USA

She read for me the first time in sept and many times since and us always accurate. I will continue to reach out when I need guidance. She is great and always honest -Anonymous USA

Thank you!!! Amazing reading! -Anonymous USA

I just love his girl. She hits the nail on the head every time! Thank you. Call her and get the answers and truth you deserve! -Anonymous USA

Amazing. Love talking with her. She gets right to the point. -Anonymous USA

Thank you for being right yet again! can't wait to update with you with what's next. -Anonymous USA

thank you so much for helping me tonight -Anonymous USA

Thank you -Anonymous USA

Very down to earth. She gives good guidance for the path you are on will tell you what you need to do to improve situations. I really like her -Anonymous USA

Amazed. Highly recommended -Anonymous USA

Marvelous reader! I hope she is right. It's been a long hard road so far but I love this person. -Anonymous USA

Best psychic ever. -Anonymous USA

Very easy to talk to, nonjudgmental and understanding. She's been following a situation with me for years now, and her intuitive clairvoyance does turn out to be right in the overall picture. What she says is accurate, and her accuracy is consistent. Great psychic! -Anonymous USA

wow this reading was amazing! -Anonymous USA

I can't wait to see what happens with both -Anonymous USA

Thanks so very much h. Many warm blessings and Bright light -Anonymous USA

Is kind, detailed and provides you with results. She has predicted outcomes before they happen. Good with career predictions. Thanks! -Anonymous USA

Great reading! -Anonymous USA

I really enjoyed speaking with you. Would have loved to talk more, but ran out of funds..I needed to have some answers regarding my relationship with J and she helped me understand where he was coming from. She told me that things with him are moving in a positive direction and sees him and I taking a trip together in June. Hoping that these predictions come to pass. I feel she has read the guy in question very well -Anonymous USA

Wonderful! I will definitely be calling back! -Anonymous USA

Very friendly and helpful. i am very stressed and she made me feel better -Anonymous USA

Very accurate and no BS -Anonymous USA

I can't wait to see what happens this weekend -Anonymous USA

I could I never doubt your predictions. You were right. Received goods news today, waiting on conformation date. -Anonymous USA

Best reader on . She is my go-to gal. -Anonymous USA

All-time favorite reader -Anonymous USA

Thank you. your guidance and support mean the world to me. -Anonymous USA

Love love love her. She's so accurate & fast wastes no time. I recommend her -Anonymous USA

Great -Anonymous USA

Great o the point no bs -Anonymous USA

Still waiting for outcome. Hope for the best. Very nice person and had not steered me wrong yet -Anonymous USA

5stars -Anonymous USA

Talked about my situation which seems to me such a lost cause...she is not seeing it this way and continues to be consistent with that answer each time I speak with her...I spoke with her on Sunday, February 23rd and she kept saying that he will contact me before the end of the month - which meant this week. It seemed impossible to me, since February was going to be ending in 5 days from then...but lo and behold, he called me this morning! Just as she her....she is great! -Anonymous USA

Thanks! -Anonymous USA

Really positive THANK YOU! xo -Anonymous USA

Amazingly!! Very helpful. -Anonymous USA

Awesome reading, gave me many ideas and clarity to a situation. -Anonymous USA

Great reading as always! xoxox -Anonymous USA

Thank u and u were all the way correct! call her! -Anonymous USA

Breathtakingly accurate and insightful. amazes me with her speed and precision. There are no questions that she asks, she already knows the answer. Ask your question ... and then be prepared -Anonymous USA

Great reading! -Anonymous USA

Practical, honest and insightful. I trust her. -Anonymous USA

I am truly grateful for all you help and I do not know what I would do without you. You are the best. -Anonymous USA

Was right on target. Wow. Loved her and the conversation. -Anonymous USA

Very nice person, time will tell. A lot of changes happening. -Anonymous USA

Amazing. Thank you so much for your help we were cut by the system, but really appreciate your insights. Call her, one of the Best -Anonymous USA

Thank you for a wonderful fast and accurate reading -Anonymous USA

Great reading. Very accurate. Thank you! -Anonymous USA

Absolutely the very best ... and my favorite reader. Thoroughly honest and accurate, you will be well rewarded with a reading by this kind and insightful woman. -Anonymous USA

Amazing advisor. Very accurate. -Anonymous USA

Excellent reading, excellent advisor -Anonymous USA

Thank you for everything lately! I really appreciate all of the advice and support. -Anonymous USA

Always give a very detailed reading. I enjoyed speaking with her and she helped to provide clarity to my situation and helped alleviate my concern. -Anonymous USA

Thank You for all the information -Anonymous USA

Hope she contacts me soon. -Anonymous USA

Thank you -Anonymous USA

thank u, I feel she picked up 100% accurate ill see wat happens -Anonymous USA

Thank you for a wonderful reading. I look forward to end of this month and beginning of March to have a relationship with him. I do hope everything you said, does come to pass. Thank you for a great reading, you were great! -Anonymous USA

Great information. I will follow through. Sorry I had to hang up. Funds are a little tight right now. The information you imparted is just right on the mark. Thanks again. -Anonymous USA

Thank you so much for a great reading -Anonymous USA

You are so kind and helpful..I love u lods -Anonymous USA

Thanks for the detailed reading. -Anonymous USA

Is the best! You get a sense of peace and reassurance from her accuracy and ability to see things clearly and precisely. Thanks. -Anonymous USA

As always, you are wonderful -Anonymous USA

Thank you for shedding light to my situation! I will keep you posted! -Anonymous USA

Thank you -Anonymous USA

Thanks for your help and kindness! -Anonymous USA

A must call! Everything is falling into place the way she has predicted. -Anonymous USA

Thank you -Anonymous USA

Excellent reader. -Anonymous USA


Thanks for your vision and timing. I look forward to the outcome at work -Anonymous USA

The best! -Anonymous USA

Very nice and sweet, with a gentle voice. Quick and to the point. Is honest and reassuring. -Anonymous USA

Predictions have come to pass exactly the way she said. I've not had any prediction be more accurate on and within the timeline that she gave. Thanks so much. -Anonymous USA

Quick and amazingly GREAT! -Anonymous USA

You are a very kind and patient person, I love talking to you. I look forward to the outcome we discussed. Again, thank you. -Anonymous USA

Has been my rock and giving me guidance on the current situation - She has been right on in the past and I hope is she seeing this right too Thanks -Anonymous USA

Thank you . You are my TRUE angel. -Anonymous USA

Thank you -Anonymous USA

Absolutely the most wonderful reader there is. is deeply insightful and truly gifted. Thank you -Anonymous USA

Very kind to me during a very challenging time.... Predictions have not happend yet. But I know that she gave me accurate insights and was able to describe situation in detail as well as not sugar coat. She has been right in the past. Some psychics are real, some more gifted than others but I've had some amazing spiritual experiences and I know that you can attract what u want..if u belive... I've seen amazing things happen -Anonymous USA

Her predictions up to a month out or so have been extremely accurate for me. I've been talking to her for years now, and in many situations, she has accurately predicted when I'll hear from someone and how they'll act when we do communicate. She is a real psychic, for sure. -Anonymous USA

Thank you -Anonymous USA

Thank you -Anonymous USA

YAY!! What an AWSOME advisor!! Thank YOU so much for extremly good insight and very empath!1Wonderful!Will call again!Tghank YOU ! God Bless! -Anonymous USA

Thanks! -Anonymous USA

Thank you. I appreciate your remarkable clarity of the situation. The strength of your convictions of what exactly is going on has allowed me to accomplish things that I have wanted to for a long time. The support you have given me could only come from a TRUE healer. Many, many thanks. -Anonymous USA

Thank you for your help today. I'm afraid of the timeline but I guess its probably for the best ... its better than never i suppose. thank you for your patience though my relationship problems .. i appreciate it. -Anonymous USA

Thanks for a great reading -Anonymous USA

Fantastic reading! Her accuracy was astounding. I have a good feeling about the predictions based on her confidence and clarity -Anonymous USA

Thanks for all your help! always great talking to you, will update soon! -Anonymous USA

This kady is the real deal she gave me timelines and her accuracy was spot on i am talking about AMAZING MUST READ WITH THIS LADY AMAZING 1,000,000 STARS AND WHEN I THOUGHT ALL HOPE WAS LOST -Anonymous USA

Thank you for the encouragement. -Anonymous USA

Thank yoiu -Anonymous USA

Was beyond amazing -Anonymous USA

Finally a great and thorough reading. -Anonymous USA

I didnt say anything and she picked up on everything. -Anonymous USA

Great reading. Very deep. -Anonymous USA

Im definitely coming back. -Anonymous USA

Wow - this was beyond awesome. -Anonymous USA

Now thats a reading! Im still in awe. -Anonymous USA

Great reading. -Anonymous USA

Thank you -Anonymous USA

Wish I would've had a reading with her ages ago. Truly gifted. -Anonymous USA

I will come back soon. Thanks -Anonymous USA

Thank you. -Anonymous USA

Im so grateful for this reading. -Anonymous USA

I thank you for your help and kindness.. You have been really kind thank you.I don't know what's gonna happen to me... Today in the exam I was thinking about how S spoke to me this past year..the horrible things he said... I graduated from high school, got my Bachelors and now? Stucked.. my confidence is shattered..for the man you love to tell u those horrible things.. I just wanna forgive and let go so my mind can be free..I forgave the man who brutally tried to take my life when I was a child...this experience with S is worst..alI I want is to be succusful and forget it all.. I appreciate u..I know you are telling me the truth but this is so much -Anonymous USA

There really are no words that can accurately describe the wonderful gift that is called . She has been my guiding light for years and is always right in her vision. I cannot be more thankful for her if I lived 1,00 lifetimes -Anonymous USA

Always direct, honest and accurate most of the time. -Anonymous USA

As ALWAYS your insight and reading was exact!! I appreciate your honesty and your sincerity. Thank You so much. I'll keep you posted! -Anonymous USA

Thank you sweetheart. you are the best!! I hope you are right! -Anonymous USA

I absolutely love her. Definitely one of the best -Anonymous USA

Very quick. I felt she was accurate. Will wait to see what happens. I enjoyed the reading -Anonymous USA

You calmed me Friday night. I appreciate your patience and kindness through this. You are the very best. -Anonymous USA

I love talking with her. She is friendly and very upfront. I will talk with her more soon. she is fantastic and upbeat. -Anonymous USA

She is wonderful and I love speaking to her. She is friendly and knowledgeable. I could have used two more minutes to complete her comment she was telling me -Anonymous USA

Very accurate perceptions...and good advice. Thank you -Anonymous USA

Thanks for your incredible help. Wow thanks for making me feel way better. -Anonymous USA

Thank you for your honest insight . I look forward to talking with you soon. -Anonymous USA

Thanks so much. Review was good as you predicted, much better than the last. You have been right every time. -Anonymous USA

Thank you for the reading! -Anonymous USA

Alright - I'm not going to talk about details, but I spoke with earlier today and she was adamant about what she said - and just 30 minutes ago I found out she was completely right. I'm impressed -Anonymous USA

Great reading; thank you. I hope you are right! -Anonymous USA

She's spot on -Anonymous USA

Very honest, very accurate, doesn't spin fairy tales. -Anonymous USA

Shes good! she even picked up everything! OMG ..she even said the dates! i didnt even say anything and this was my first call! -Anonymous USA

Thank you -Anonymous USA

Outstanding -Anonymous USA

shes that awesome! please call this lady! Im glad i did call her -Anonymous USA

You are a wonderful and kind person. -Anonymous USA

When a bad situation gets the better of me, I can rely upon her to see what I fail to see and illuminate. -Anonymous USA

This is TRUE insight. I am in such a situation now, and after having a reading with , I was reassured and my confidence restored. -Anonymous USA

Has always been proven correct and that is why I can rely upon her. GO FOR IT. She really is the very best ... and a great lady as well. -Anonymous USA

I'm very thankfull. -Anonymous USA

Thank you. -Anonymous USA

Is the best there is. If you are looking for a reading from someone who can accurately interpret what they are sensing. -Anonymous USA

I trust her completely. Go for it! -Anonymous USA

Thank you of the light. So far it seems like it is a positive future. -Anonymous USA

Thank you. -Anonymous USA

Outstanding reading -Anonymous USA

Im so happy I had a reading-Thank you. -Anonymous USA

This reading was beyond great. -Anonymous USA

Ill be back soon. TY -Anonymous USA

Thank you -Anonymous USA

Looking forward to the results -Anonymous USA

Very sensible and accurate -Anonymous USA

yes you were right again :) thank god for and your lovely price. Many blessings to you! -Anonymous USA

Again, thanks! I appreciate the insight. -Anonymous USA

Thank you -Anonymous USA

Thank you! I will call back soon!!! Amazing advice! -Anonymous USA

You are so kind and compassionate and you sure have helped me with my anxiousness regarding this situation. I can't wait to give you an update with your perdiction -Anonymous USA

Thank you again for being honest and sincere with all your readings and not sugarcoating anything. I love you! -Anonymous USA

Thank you. I appreciate your patience. -Anonymous USA

Thank you -Anonymous USA

Thank you -Anonymous USA

Amazing psychic. -Anonymous USA

Very good in picking up details -Anonymous USA

This truly was a thorough rading -Anonymous USA

Thank you -Anonymous USA

Great Updates! -Anonymous USA

You are such a great reader! -Anonymous USA

Thank you -Anonymous USA

Seemed great and accurate. would call back again -Anonymous USA

Thank you -Anonymous USA

As ALWAYS I thoroughly enjoyed speaking with you. Your insight and honesty is so refreshing! -Anonymous USA

Has been so helpful to me! -Anonymous USA

Thank you -Anonymous USA

has been helping me through a slowly progressing situation for a long time. I appreciate that she remembers and understands it -Anonymous USA

She has been correct with predictions many times, and this latest prediction is likely and consistent with this person's behavior -Anonymous USA

Always on target. She truly is the very best there is. -Anonymous USA

Thank you so much. I want to take a moment to leave you a very special -Anonymous USA

Quick and to the point, great reading! Thank you -Anonymous USA

Thank you. -Anonymous USA

What an excellent psychic -Anonymous USA

I couldnt believe how accurate she is -Anonymous USA

I feel reborn after this reading. -Anonymous USA

Amazingly great reading! -Anonymous USA

Accurate and compassionate. Knew details and specifics . -Anonymous USA

Albert is always accurate. Everything he tells me always comes true. -Anonymous USA

Amazing! -Anonymous USA

Be prepared. You may learn info that may be life changing. -Anonymous USA

First time caller was just awesome and very insightful. Was direct and loving. ShWas accurate on so much bout my situation. Will call again. -Anonymous USA

Gave me a lot of details that I feel is true. And gave me hope that things will work out in my favor, I just need to be patient. Thank you. -Anonymous USA

Great - up front -very helpful... -Anonymous USA

Great excellent thanks. -Anonymous USA

Great feedback and right on cue to what i needed to hear.. -Anonymous USA

I always enjoy talking to you. I'm hoping everything works out. Thank you for making me feel much better about where I stand. -Anonymous USA

I enjoyed the conversation and hoping for the outcome I want. -Anonymous USA

I loved my reading! Ur a true blessing. were on point and very, very helpful :) -Anonymous USA

If you have multiple conversations, make sure you do your homework and always write down your questions, thoughts and concerns. -Anonymous USA

I'm so excited. Again thank you! -Anonymous USA

Incredible, and life changing. I am impressed with the willingness to assist and to give comfort while still keeping life/destiny in order. Great job! -Anonymous USA

It is amazing to see her connect with my loved one. Just amazing. And so important when that person has trouble communicating. -Anonymous USA

Just miracles in the making. -Anonymous USA

Many thanks. -Anonymous USA

Nice . Hope it all works out . -Anonymous USA

Prediction came true. :-) -Anonymous USA

Has beautiful gift that is truly God given. Recommended. -Anonymous USA

Understood the situation in its entirety. Also was able to give great advice that provided comfort. I will call again. -Anonymous USA

Amazing thank you will be calling back for closer thank you -Anonymous USA

Amazing! Quick in reading my situation and provided a lot of detail!! I appreciate the advice and the information definitely a must call! -Anonymous USA

Very quick to connect and accurate. -Anonymous USA

Right on point. Great reading. Very insightful. -Anonymous USA

Very quick and honest , I will definitely be looking forward to chatting again. -Anonymous USA

Sometimes love is a lot of work. But at least a psychic can tell you if they are worth it. -Anonymous USA

Will call back thank you so much!!! Your were on point with everthing!!!! -Anonymous USA

Sweet person. Very quick to pick up. A must call. -Anonymous USA

Thank you for giving me hope. I appreciate it! -Anonymous USA

Thank you for quick answers. -Anonymous USA

Thank you for the insight. you touched upon the key issues! -Anonymous USA

Thank you for your reading -Anonymous USA

Thank you for your time and insights -Anonymous USA

Right on point. Thank you so much. -Anonymous USA

Such a good reading. I hope to chat with you again soon. -Anonymous USA

Thank you so much.. wonderful reading, very fast, very caring , very insightful and helpful with all the guidance and advice. Really appreciate your help. Truly wonderful -Anonymous USA

Thank you, I will keep you posted. -Anonymous USA

Gve me great advice and picked up on things that no one else could. -Anonymous USA

I appreciate your reading. You were very quick, accurate and kind. -Anonymous USA

Different way of seeing things and very helpful. -Anonymous USA

Accurate with details, I really enjoy my reading it gave me peace of mind. -Anonymous USA

Fast and picks up on the situation very accurately -Anonymous USA

Helpful, fast and caring responses to my concerns! I would definitely contact her again! -Anonymous USA

Informative. Hoping everything said will come true. Thank you! -Anonymous USA

Nice reading -- I enjoyed it. ShGood points and reveal new information revealed. Thanks -Anonymous USA

Wish I have chatted longer. -Anonymous USA

Wonderful feedback. Really enjoyed chatting with you :) -Anonymous USA

I really appreciate your help and insight.. It has really helped. -Anonymous USA

Amazed with results. Really am -Anonymous USA

Its amazing soomeone can pull thoughts out of your mind even when you can't seem to say how you feel. Very helpful as well. -Anonymous USA

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