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Free Psychic Reading nights gives you an opportunity to observe our readers work in public before having a paid private consultation. So, whether you are a recipient of a free 5 minute mini sample in our public chat room or observe someone else receiving a mini sample, it is a great opportunity for you understand when we Say "ONLY the Best " are on our Network. Check out the logs of former parties and you will see what we mean and Judge for yourself!

Get a mini 5 minute reading on our Free Reading night. Or simply watch the reader do readings LIVE. Great way to win a reading or great way for you to judge for yourself before doing a paid private one on one chat phone or email reading.

With the rise of technology, these opportunities have never been available to the public. This is a golden chance to learn more about Divination and understanding by demystifying myths about readings or any stereotype media hocus-pocus depicted by 1-900 lines. Rather, our visiting viewers on free reading nights actually get to see our caring, accurate, ethical and professional readers do their craft routinely. In fact, many skeptics, respect our Network for giving them a chance to actually see a public reading before electing to go private one to one.

In celebrating our 3 year on the Internet, we had over 100 events approximately 1-2 times per month. During each event, there are approximately 24 recipients that will receive a mini sample.


1) Chat Room can only fit 50 people . If the room is full, keep retrying.

2) Reading logs are not distributed for the Free Party. If you like
a log, please feel free to choose a paid reading.

3) The system randomly selects who wins a mini free reading, the reader doesn't. This is based on your cookies and how often you come to the site and chat party

4) The only text that appears is the Guest Psychic on our site and the winner of the Free Mini Reading. The reader will only see the text from the person selected.

5) Entering the room authorizes us to use the text for promotional purposes and readers logs (names and birthdays are not revealed to keep anonymity.)

6) Please be specific when your turn comes to speak with the reader. You have 5 minutes. Try to be VERY direct with your question. "Tell me about my love life" cannot be done in 5 minutes! Instead, keep your 1 question direct and to the point so that it can be answered in its entirety.













































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