Professional Readers Application  (USA & CANADA)

Our  Network applies over 20 years experience in the industry. Our clients see our quality shine through our quality Psychic Advisors.  We have a reputation to maintain and clients are promised ONLY THE BEST.  After this application is received it will be submitted to our testing coordinators for consideration in a one on one telephone reading test.  After the evaluation's) are  finalized, if an offer is made our contract will be released for your review.

All applicants will undergo this process regardless of referral, experience, or certification . 

USA & CANADA Readers that do Telephone Readings  :   A separate LAND line for the System Telephone line (no cell phones allowed) and a separate telephone line for non APN matters (cell is ok.)  
This application needs to be filled out entirely for it to transmit.
 If something does not apply, you must fill N/A for this  application to get to us.

1) Legal Name (First / Last)
2) Mailing address
3) City/State (or Country) / Zip  
4) Date of birth:  (MM/DD/YEAR)
5) Daytime & Evening Phone Numbers
6) Time zone residing in
7) Email Address  (Be sure this is the email address you check!)  Be sure to check your bulk/spam folders as email can be misplaced.  AOL users: Check your email preference to view if you have selected to block emails with links. 

Back up / Secondary Email Address  If you don't have one simply re-enter the same email address.  A free back up email address such as gmail, yahoo or hotmail may help prevent losing correspondence.  

8) Company 1
9) Dates Worked
10)Reason Left
11) Supervisor / Telephone Number
What types of readings have you done for this company? Chat Room Phone Email
12) Company 2
13) Dates Worked \
14) Reason Left
15) Supervisor/Telephone Number
What types of readings have you done for this company? Chat Room Phone Email
16) Do you have a private practice?  How Many years? 

High School Graduate Yes No
College Graduate Yes No
17) Degree (s) /Which University? 
Also list any special Psychic Training
What type of readings do you do?  Please check your applicable specialties
      Psychic     Tarot  Spirit Guides Mediumship/Channeling Dream Interpretation  Palmistry  
       Astrology*  Numerology    I-Ching    Runes   Angels 
Pendulum  Past Life Regression
18) Do you have any special certifications?

Yes No

19) Do you have any clips of Media appearances you have made?

Yes No

20 ) List other (if any)  languages you can speak fluently?
21) Have you written any books, newspaper articles, columns, and magazine articles on Psychic, Astrological or Tarot phenomena?    

Yes No    

22) Do you have employment other than psychic readings?                             

Yes No  

23) Are you currently working for another Online Company or a 900 lines?  If so, please do list the name of the networks and the name you use. 
Please note:  Unlike, most networks, we are one in a million Networks that actually do support your legal rights and do not violate laws regarding this matter, so please be honest!
24) Do you refer clients to Candles/Witchcraft/Santeria/Spells/Voodoo?

  Yes No  

25) Do you advise on death/health issues or making a lover return?     

  Yes No  


26) Why are you interested in us?


27) How did you hear about us?


28) How many hours a week can you work?   


All readers MUST work a minimum of any 18 hours per week. No exceptions.
29) What days can you work?


30) What type of hours (in Eastern Time/ New York City Time ) can you work? Click here to verify 


 In 200 words or less, why you feel you should be considered for a readers position on our Network? 

THANK YOU.   Review your answers before pressing 'send' to submit.

We thank you for your interest in Absolutely Psychic Network.  Due to the amount of requests
 we receive, we cannot provide feedback/follow up information.  

Problems submitting this application?

If you are in North America seeking Telephone Reading Opportunities and your browser cannot
process this application, please print this application filled out and fax it to us at 310 388-3278.

If you are outside North America  seeking Telephone Reading Opportunities and your browser cannot
process this application, revisit us when you able to submit this application.