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 Psychic readings with Psychic Advisors, Astrologers and Tarot Card Readings over the Telephone or Via Private Chat Room giving on demand Readings.

Our mission statement:

Our professionals have been thoroughly screened and tested prior to being listed on our Network in either division. With over 2 decades of experience and close to 1 decade of existence, we adhere to providing our clients with the best advisors that have undergone an actual accurate test reading evaluation. We believe it is crucial to carefully handpick our advisors so that your experience is memorable with the best reading possible. Our evaluation consists of a 10 – 20 minute phone reading.

Reading experience cannot be taught. It genuinely comes with time. Ironically, within the first 2 minutes of our evaluations in the screening process, we immediately discern the wheat from the chaff. The remainder of the time spent in the evaluation serves as details about the reader such as strengths and weaknesses.

Figuratively, we place ourselves in your shoes, we factor if the reading would be worthy of fees. After all, if a paying client wouldn’t enjoy the service then it would not be practical to staff the advisor.

While the evaluation is taking place, we fill out our standard form that details moments where the reading was filled with strengths weakness. We then look for reading style. Certainly we have to layer in reading tactics. For example, health is never ever diagnosed by a professional advisor. Moreover, an ideal reading should be pro-active as many clients want information to improve their lives. So the reading should offer guidance.

We never have to say our readers are the best, however our clients do! For this reason, we are realistic as possible when it comes to understanding the process. Surely, the chemistry between the client and the reader has to ebb and flow. When we evaluate our readers, not only are we looking for accuracy, but also reading style and reading experience.

You can watch our Master Readers on Free Reading Night/Chat Party doing 5 minutes free readings. Get a Mini Reading & review logs from previous events. Great way to test for yourself prior to purchasing time for a private reading.













































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