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Swords in Tarot


absolutelypsychic Ace of swords: Upright – Power, victory, inspired thought, breakthrough, enlightenment, insight, the rising force of clear thought and communication, clarity, seeing the truth, precise thinking, one-pointed thinking, simplicity, innovative thinking, cutting through illusion, the beginning of a mental endeavor such as the studying of a new subject or the writing of a book – Reversed - Mental energy or communications going in the wrong direction, confusion, power used negatively, need to speak up for oneself, potential violence, verbal abuse, letting negativity and distraction take one off course
absolutelypsychic 2 of Swords: Upright - Truce, choices, temporary peace, waiting for the right moment, temporary uncertainty, patience, balancing opposing forces, compromise, going with the flow, trust in a divine source for guidance – Reversed - Stalemate, blindness to the truth, knowing what to do but afraid to act, stuck in uncertainty, can’t see the forest for the trees, too much information causing indecision, feeling pulled in two directions, overanalyzing, ignorance

3 of Swords: Upright - Heartbreak, painful breakup, triangular relationships causing strife, abandonment, betrayal, loneliness, despair, loss, grief, rejection – Reversed - Strong need for forgiveness, reconciliation or redemption, process of healing, healing old wounds, learning the lesson in a painful experience, healing brings freedom and optimism

4 of Swords: Upright - Respite for the weary, healing, reflection, relaxation, meditation brings answers, cocooning for transformation, gestation period for manifesting solutions, stillness, introspection, temporary solitude, rest brings rejuvenation – Reversed - Hospital stay, stagnation, recovering from illness, strong need for meditation, healing, relaxation and rejuvenation, exhaustion, warning that too much work or strife could create illness, need to retreat from the chaos of life, strong need for more peace and quiet

5 of Swords: Upright – Victory or defeat (usually by unfair means), conflict, gossip, betrayal, manipulating or being manipulated, unhealthy environment, gloating, someone acting without integrity, vengeful motives – Reversed – Awakening to a more ethical way of succeeding, need to move on from past failures and betrayals, need for collaboration, need for pure intentions

6 of Swords: Upright - Movement away from problems and strife, necessary transition, moving in the right direction towards brighter horizons, hope for the future, higher guidance, safe voyage, opportune time to make positive changes, focus and follow-through – Reversed - Running away from problems causes more problems, going in the wrong direction, need to dump emotional baggage before journey or transition, needs to flee a bad situation towards greener pastures


7 of Swords: Upright – Deception, illusions, betrayal, stealth, secrets, duplicity, theft, impure motives, underhanded behavior, plans require revision, situation needs to be examined for flaws, selfish motives, more than meets the eye – Reversed – Mental challenges, breaking free from deception and illusion, taking control of one’s circumstances, moving away from deceptive people/ situations

8 of Swords: Upright – Feeling imprisoned by circumstances, illusion of being trapped, stuck in a rut, isolation, mental/ emotional restrictions, immobilized by fears, self-created oppression, literal imprisonment - Reversed – Need to realize that imprisonment is only in the mind, need to release self-imposed restrictions and fears, freeing the creative self, awakening to freedom and clear perception
9 of Swords: Upright – Excessive worry, obsessive, negative thinking, fear, insomnia, nightmares, depression, anxiety, despair, haunted by the past - Reversed – Extreme hopelessness, despair, anxiety and/ or obsession, waking up from a nightmare (literally or figuratively), need to realize that fears are creating negative reality, haunted by the past, need to harness positive thinking and relaxation techniques, need for meditation, post-traumatic stress, need for professional counseling

10 Of Swords: Upright – Lowest point or end of a situation, stabbed in the back, trauma, need to let go of an old situation, job, relationship or phase of life, surrender - Reversed: Courage to rise again, the courage to move on, rock bottom is a good place to because the only place to go is up, good opportunities and times ahead, dawning of a new day

Page of Swords: Upright – Logical, honest, impulsive, inquisitive, opinionated, studious young person, good student, diligent studying, blunt messenger, contract or agreement, positive, new challenges, technology, constructive criticism – Reversed – Armchair philosopher, too much thinking with too little action, new information can present a challenge, delays, unfulfilled promises, tactless honesty, gossip, harsh words

Knight of Swords: Upright – Application of knowledge, plans are swiftly implemented, fast movement creative solutions, noble causes, young go-getter, ambitious, idealistic (often young) person who bulldozes through obstacles, decisive, assertive, intelligent, unorthodox, possible “knight in shining armor”, romantic conquest - Reversed – End-justifies- the-means mentality, unexpected problem or decision, aggression, promiscuity, tactless behavior, unwise decisions, haste

Queen of Swords: Upright – Woman with tendency to be sharp, witty, funny, no-nonsense, acutely perceptive, direct, brilliant, clear-headed, honest, fair, assertive, independent, discerning, and solution-oriented – Reversed – Woman with tendency to be mean-spirited, aggressive, cold, cunning, selfish, tactless, deceptive, and manipulative

absolutelypsychic King of Swords: Upright – Man with tendency to be highly perceptive, witty, intellectual, observant, focused, unbiased, diplomatic, articulate, authoritative, intelligent, generous, well-read, educated, and professional – Reversed – Man with tendency to be verbally abusive, aggressive, deceptive, domineering, unethical, tyrannical, self-centered, uncaring and condescending












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