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Pentacles in Tarot


absolutelypsychic Ace of Pentacles – Upright: New job, new business, beginning of abundance, payment, inheritance, reward from hard work, product or service, gift given, gold, physical manifestations of spiritual development, gift from the universe – Reversed: Delays in business venture, fruits of labor less than what they should be, good to look for new job or start a new business, a new opportunity needs to be recognized, fool’s gold

absolutelypsychic 2 of Pentacles – Upright: Balancing resources, juggling work or money, clever handling of business, necessary adjustments, ingenuity, adaptability, managing time – Reversed: Business on shaky ground, deceptive business practices, impracticality, indecisiveness, uncertainty, financial disarray, fickleness, disorganization
3 of Pentacles – Upright: Teamwork, collaboration, craftsmanship, skillful work, creative work, enjoying work for its own sake, building a solid foundation for new business or project, fair compensation – Reversed: Lack of teamwork, unskilled or disregard for skills, unfair compensation or practices

4 of Pentacles – Upright: Saving money, retaining resources, budgeting, business ventures close to home, solid foundation built, conservative practices, consolidation of a business venture, control, power, possessions, – Reversed: Greed, stinginess, fear causing an overly frugal attitude to money, overly identifying self with money or possessions, self-protection, closed-off attitude preventing true prosperity

absolutelypsychic 5 of Pentacles – Upright: Money problems, hardship, lack of resources, dysfunctional relationship, illness, poverty consciousness – Reversed: Recovery from financial loss or extreme poverty, attitude shift will positively affect circumstances, need for spiritual connection to create spiritual prosperity

6 of Pentacles – Upright: Charity, giving and receiving, philanthropy, giving brings abundance and happiness, social services, medical field, healing, taking care of those less fortunate, fulfilling work – Reversed: Too generous or too selfishness, out of balance, people taking advantage of generosity, burn-out, debt, selfishness, one-way generosity creating problems


7 of Pentacles – Upright: Beginning of the harvest/ profit, full benefits still needs time, perseverance, investment, long-term vision, waiting for the right time, necessary reflection before moving forward – Reversed: Impatience, dissatisfaction, procrastination, lack of fulfilling work, resources or money tied up, lack of vision


8 of Pentacles – Upright: Productivity, apprenticeship, routine work, quality work, making money with talents, studying, getting the job done, efficient work habits, meticulous, timely - Reversed: Tedious work, redundancy, perfectionism, workaholic tendencies, lack of ambition, lack of focus, poor quality

9 of Pentacles – Upright: Successful self-employment, career fulfillment, blissful independence, self-confidence, gratitude, luxury, beautiful work environment, business growth, opulence, financial prosperity, inner peace, fruition – Reversed: Insecurity, difficult self-employment, isolation, over identification with career, financial setbacks

10 of Pentacles – Upright: Prosperity on all levels, inheritance, money problems solved, family gatherings, harmonious community or family, traditional values honored, great wealth, retirement, new home, real estate – Reversed: Financial failure, partial wealth, established traditions or practices that are too constricting for individual self-expression

Page of Pentacles – Upright: Business offer or communication, young person looking for work, person new to a career or field of study, financial opportunity, new job, promotion, positive phase on current job, new project or venture – Reversed: Lack of focus, planning, short-term job or opportunity, difficult phase of career, need to reevaluate

Knight of Pentacles – Upright: Efficient, methodical, responsible, tactful, diligent, disciplined (often young) person that follows through on the dreams of the page of pentacles – Reversed: Laziness, procrastination, inertia, failure to carry out daily work or business plans, unmotivated person

Queen of Pentacles – Upright: Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn woman, woman with practical, savvy, even-tempered, generous, prosperous, or fair business practices or tendencies – Reversed: Woman with fearful, overly conservative, greedy, grasping, unfair, timid or distrustful business practices or tendencies

absolutelypsychic King of Pentacles – Upright: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn man, man with fair, generous, business-savvy, grounded, stable, centered, practical, polite, professional, caring business practices or tendencies – Reversed: Man with unfair, greedy, cheap, cutthroat, arrogant, impractical business practices or tendencies












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