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Spiritual Tips on Handling Stress

We often get thrown from our centers when emotions run high. Simply remembering that you are not alone and have spirit guiding you can be a comfort. The day you were born you were also given an Angel. In truth, this means you are never alone. When lonely emotions hit you, look up and ask for your Angel’s assistance. They have likely been waiting for you to forge this connection on your own.  Without strengthening your own connection to spirit you run the risk of having a lesser quality of life than you may have asked for and intended.

Emotions can only come from two roots. One is fear and the other is love.  So every negative feeling stems ultimately from fear. Every positive feeling stems ultimately from love.  Sometimes these feelings can feel very big, especially if we have been putting these emotions in our back pocket. Realize that every emotion that is not in alignment with our natural state has only risen in us to be released. The trick is to not become the emotion.  Simply let it go with love.  If you let it go with haste, that is a recipe for it boomeranging right back to you.

What do you do if it boomerangs back? There is an easy technique older than all of us put together. Simply breathe the feeling through your heart. The heart and mind are capable of so much more than we give them credit for.  It may take a while.  Persist until the feeling subsides. I know that if it takes 15 minutes the first time you try this technique, then it will take 14 minutes the second time you try, and will decrease with time. Much like your brain, the heart learns through doing, and as you go along you will be amazed at how much control you have had inside your own heart all along. It turns out that all we have ever had control over is ourselves. Practice using the only control you have with love.

If a feeling that stems from love and has risen in you, it has only done so in order to be celebrated.  Don’t worry.  Your Angels love it when you dance wild and crazy in the living room, smiling and laughing all the while!













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