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Dream Interpretation

Dreams are the bridge between our conscious and subconscious mind. The primary language in dreams is symbols. Even actions in a dream are symbolic. The key to deciphering a symbol is how the symbol makes us feel. Often the feeling is the message of the dream. A book about dream symbols is a great idea, but the best interpreter of a dream and symbol is the dreamer. For example, a gliding airplane in a dream will have a completely different meaning for someone who is afraid of flying than for someone who isn't. An officer of the law can symbolize protection and safety for one person, but it can symbolize arrest for another. Some symbols are widely universal like rainbow, stairs going upward, winding hallways, breaking teeth, etc.

Sometimes our super conscious mind will travel this bridge of dreams. Our super conscious mind is that part of our mind in touch with ultimate reality. This type of dream has special import and significance and is called a spirit dream. The dream is more vivid and just feels so much more important. The message reaches deeper into our psyche and heart. Yet it doesn't necessarily have to be a dream of angels, paradise or voices from the heavens in order to be a spirit dream.

The first spirit dream I remember having was a car headlights coming toward me down a road. The lights We're very bright. I knew the dream had a deeper message and was a spirit dream. A car symbolizes transportation and felt something or someone was going to be moving and surely it happened. Another dream I had which struck me as a spirit dream was of seeing a storm above. The sky was gray and dark clouds We're boiling in intensity. I had this one in the fall of 2004 and have come to equate it with the Tsunami in Southeast Asia, the day after Christmas. Im sure many earthlings had some sort of portentous dream at that time. I think many of us, if not almost all, have some dreams involving world events.

Deep down inside we all know everything there is to know. We know exactly what life is and where its going. The cosmos does speak to us in our dreams. Sweet Dreams!

















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