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Horoscope Sun Sign Astrology Romance & Sexual Compatibility: 
Virgo with Cancer Thru Virgo



An invigorating match.  They turn each other on with sensuality. Cancer is shy, just as Virgo.  Yet, the moment the lights go down, these two will not be able to help themselves.  Cancer wraps its partners into a cocoon.  That makes Virgo really feel stable. This couple also likes real estate and income.  Cancer's needs match perfectly with Virgo's preservative nature. 



Virgo's reticent nature stresses Leo and results in quarrels. Virgo isn't fast to hand out praise. Leo is usually a spendthrift.  Virgo is cautious with pennies.  They are employing independence. Leo has this built in their personality by default.  Yet Virgo is very exclusive. Virgo simply just won't be dominated under the dictatorship of Leo.  Instead, Virgo will turn cold. 



This is a fluid combination as long as these two perfectionists do not criticize each other.  Virgo can easily look to see what is wrong with a situation instead of appreciating the better side of situations or people.  They can bring out the better side of each other.  There is a dedication, efficiency, sensuality, consideration, duty, and responsibility.  Sexually though, this can be a lack of passion.  This will need to add some spice in the bedroom to keep it going. 




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