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Horoscope Sun Sign Astrology Romance & Sexual Compatibility:
Virgo with Libra Thru Sagittarius


Libra is too juvenile for Virgo's tastes. Libra enjoys shelling out dollars and being a social butterfly. Virgo’s conservative and critical nature can make Libra feel devalued. Libra can bring out Virgo's sensuality. After all, Virgo is symbolic of the virgin. Virgo tries to give Libra direction as Libra can be too indecisive. Virgo is also representative of Mother Earth. Together they share a common ground known as the asteroid Ceres in astrology. Therefore, family relationships, especially closer to the mother bring up many family issues together. Ceres also represents work productivity. These two can work well together as Virgo can maintain details and Libra can maintain business relationships.


Passionate Scorpio keeps looking to take away Virgo’s virginity with a lot of sex. But Virgo enjoys this as Scorpio is focused, intense, demonstrative, and loyalty. That in turn makes Virgo feel safe. They connected mentally as well. Virgo is analytical as is Scorpio. The difference is that Virgo is practical whereas Scorpio is deep and investigative. Scorpio is private as it has trust issues. Virgo is reserved and practical. There may be some battle about who dominates, but Virgo's ability to concede which makes Scorpio content.


Sagittarius’ need for liberty may conflict with Virgo’s sense of duty. Sagittarius over optimistic nature may get a backlash from Virgo’s criticism. These intellectual zodiac signs have their minds working in different directions. Sagittarius is a spendthrift for thrifty Virgo who needs modesty and routine. Sagittarius views Virgo's sexually as a cold prude. This combination has many conflicts that need to be resolved first. However, Sagittarius may view Virgo as too fussy with the need to lighten up.