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Horoscope Sun Sign Astrology Romance & Sexual Compatibility:
Virgo with Capricorn Thru Pisces


A peaceful duo. Capricorn is career driven and Virgo is about service. This blends very well for Virgo's vitality. Both signs are dutiful, efficient, purposeful, and productive. There is plenty of admiration within this combo. Sexually, this becomes very sensual lovemaking. Capricorn will take the lead and Virgo enjoys providing sensual love. These practicalists may have a challenge making the relationship romantic. However, they need substance, not fluff.


These two are intellectually interesting. Aquarius thinks outside the box while Virgo focuses on the details of the box. Aquarius has kinky suggestions and thinks Virgo is too rigid to try new things especially sexually. Aquarius needs freedom. Virgo seeks duty and obligation. Aquarius is a free spirit, whereas Virgo is reserved. There is a need to adapt and adjust to each other in this combination.


For Virgo, love signifies stability and compatibility with mutual practical ideas. To Pisces, relationships consist of unconditional love like a romantic movie! Virgo is instantly drawn into Pisces alluring mystical quality. Pisces is intrigued by Virgo earthy practicality as Virgo is stable. Pisces is also attracted to Virgo's sharp mind. The biggest challenge is that Pisces won’t find Virgo to be romantic. Virgo may believe Pisces lives with their heads in the clouds. Sexually though, this connection can be super sensual and magical as two different worlds can merge. On a positive note, Virgo can solidify Pisces dreams into a reality. Also, Pisces can loosen up Virgo.