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Horoscope Sun Sign Astrology Romance & Sexual Compatibility:
Virgo with Aries Thru Gemini


Virgo can be surprised by Aries’ gumption. Virgo's wise ways quickly conflict with Aries’ impulsive personality. Aries likes to be a doer. Do now and think later, whereas Virgo likes to analyze first. Virgo may get fussy. Aries can help them springboard into action. Virgo can teach Aries to develop more mindfulness prior to asserting action. Aries will feel Virgo is frugal; Virgo will look at Aries as a baby. Aries likes a flashy social life. Virgo is satisfied with an inexpensive, serene night in. Aries will likely trigger Virgo's worst critical nature.


Both of these earthy signs are practical together. Virgo analyzes while Taurus is sensual. Taurus will turn a Virgo on sexually. Virgo is the virgin and Taurus has just the right technique to make the virgin loose the virginity. These two have a lot in common. Both zodiac signs make an effort to create for any protected foreseeable future. Aside for lovers, they also make good business partners. Taurus is financially savvy and Virgo is about service.


They are attracted to one another simply because there can be a meeting of the minds. Both signs are ruled by Mercury. Gemini's loving capability is much too changeable and spontaneous for Virgo. Gemini see’s Virgo as being a cold prude. Virgo considers Gemini to be a flake. Gemini demands freedom for many activities. Gemini is all about multi-tasking. This does not sit well with Virgo as Virgo expects others to be focused and consistent.