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Horoscope Sun Sign Astrology Romance & Sexual Compatibility:
Taurus with Cancer Thru Virgo


Both are sentimental, homebodies, and sexually charged. Taurus’ calm and relaxed nature can stabilize Cancer's feelings. Practical Taurus has to be mindful not to hurt Cancer's feelings. Cancer needs somebody strong like a Taurus to depend on. Cancer offers Taurus the devotion it wants. Taurus is financially ambitious which in sync with Cancer’s need for security. In fact, both of these signs share a strong sense of security with each other.


Leo demands continuous worship and ego stroking. Taurus will get much sulkier with every passing day. The problem with Taurus is letting go of grudges. Neither will get their needs fulfilled from the other. Leo is flamboyant and Taurus is frugal. There are obstacles between Taurus’ need for a stable agenda versus Leo's need for flashiness. Sexually, these two are well-matched. Leo tries to perform a show. Taurus finds that challenging to take on, or maybe view Leo as a show off or exhibitionist.


Taurus’ determination and Virgo's mind make a great combination. Its fireworks. Taurus keeps a cautious eye on spending, which pleases frugal Virgo. Both are earthy and practical signs. Though they lack spontaneity, neither puts an excessive value on that. They may adjust sexually. Taurus is more sexual than Virgo. However, Taurus can awaken Virgo’s sex drive.