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Horoscope Sun Sign Astrology Romance & Sexual Compatibility:
Taurus with Capricorn Thru Pisces


Capricorn is a sturdy match for Taurus. These two signs have passions that are obvious, related, and practical. There will be plenty of sex, yet the romance be may be lacking. They have similar ambitions and are fond of money and stability. Both of these signs can be very frugal. They do well shopping together at flea markets as they will enjoy the savings. Capricorn maintains many secrets that Taurus will not like. Capricorn's dedication secures Taurus. Taurus is charmed by Capricorn's dry humor.


Taurus is rigid, thorough, and reserved. Aquarius is alternative and bubbly. Taurus is full of vigor. Aquarius operates in the mind. Taurus finds it hard to domesticate Aquarius. Aquarius looks for innovation, unique experiences, and is detached. Taurus wants protection and convenience. Aquarius is a free spirit who resents being tied down.


Pisces might not gravitate to Taurus’ materialistic way of thinking. Taurus supplies Pisces with stability. That is in turn can be grounding for Pisces as it needs to maintain from drifting off to fantasy land. Ambitious Taurus can be a strong role model for unambitious Pisces. Taurus’ steady nature will help Pisces through its frequent emotional changes. Taurus is loyal and Pisces is romantic. Pisces can be a day dreamer and vague for Taurus. However, they are sexually compatible.