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Horoscope Sun Sign Astrology Romance & Sexual Compatibility:
Taurus with Aries Thru Gemini


Taurus will be much slower than Aries. The two have mutual sexual desires. Aries is psychological and Taurus is steadfast. Taurus’ jealousy will turn Aries into a book of matches: fiery sparks spilling everywhere. They'll also disagree about finances. Taurus tends to be cautious and frugal. Aries is impulsive and a spendthrift. Aries’ jump now and think later motto annoys cautious Taurus, who dislikes change just as Aries dislikes Taurus’ slow speed.


These homebodies prefer stable safety over adventure. Even so, the two share an attachment for finances and are ambitious, sensual, affectionate, and reliable. Both are possessive over the other. This can work out. They are both earthy and immediate about having sexual requirements fulfilled. If there is sexual boredom, it will be a problem. A good resolution is to cultivate spontaneity.


These two are totally different in personalities. Taurus is firm and does not like change. Gemini is all about change. The more the merrier. Also, Gemini can be fidgety, here today-gone tomorrow, and flexible. Gemini is attracted to Taurus’ intense sexuality. However, over time, Taurus will need more stability that Gemini can offer. Gemini will need to seek new ventures to remain stimulated.