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Horoscope Sun Sign Astrology Romance & Sexual Compatibility:
Scorpio with Cancer Thru Virgo


This duo can be a strong combination. Cancer could be the passive and Scorpio is the dominant. There’s a lot of intense sex with these two. Be prepared to wear the mattress out. However, these two can be very jealous. Scorpio delivers the security that Cancer desires. Cancer is committed, affectionate, and dedicated. Scorpio needs that. These two get along like peanut butter and chocolate.


Scorpio will not stroke Leo's ego or succumb to being ruled. Scorpio seeks to penetrate the lover’s mind. Leo wants an exuberant romance along with a fan club. Tempers clash. Leo is extravagant and likes living large. Scorpio disapproves of extravagance and showiness. There's an incredible deal of bodily attraction between them. Each has a strong temper. Scorpio's controlling ways will possibly ignite conflicts.


Virgo needs to learn how to keep up with Scorpio. The two minds and personalities mesh. Virgo is sensual and Scorpio is passionate. Scorpio can turn a Virgo on instantly. Both are very good with money too. Scorpio is good for raising money and Virgo is good for maintaining it. Their minds are analytical. Virgo is great with details whereas Scorpio is perfect for digging probing like a psychoanalyst.