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Horoscope Sun Sign Astrology Romance & Sexual Compatibility:
Scorpio with Aries Thru Gemini


At first this will be very bold. Both signs are ruled by Mars and co-ruled by Mars. Aries is ready, willing, and able to sexually experiment in ways that will make Scorpio very controlling and jealous. Conflicts surround other departments. Both want to take control when it comes to making decisions. Since Mars rules the will force, their wills clash. These two truly require an adjustment as this is a quincunx aspect. Technically Aries dominates and Scorpio manages. However, those two actions are very similar in nature. Scorpio's lack of trust and brooding demeanor can be frustrating to Aries. Aries love to flirt, socialize, and explore. This enrages Scorpio. The makeup sex can be very explosive.


Taurus is fueled by the sexual strength to pleasure Scorpio between the sheets. Both signs can be stubborn, possessive, and get jealous. The difference is that Scorpio tries to possess in a psychological way. Taurus wants to own their partner like a personal object. Together this can be a powerful financial combination. Taurus represents possessions and finances, and Scorpio is about other people’s money (support). Taurus is deliberate whereas Scorpio can be strong willed.


Scorpio is attracted to Gemini's spirit. Scorpio's complicated persona fascinates Gemini. Gemini is fascinated by Scorpio's never ending sexual demands. The challenge is that Gemini needs variety and change. Keeping up with the demands of an intense and demanding partner can be too draining for Gemini. Gemini has a strong desire for freedom while Scorpio wants to dominate. Gemini likes to be social.