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Horoscope Sun Sign Astrology Romance & Sexual Compatibility:
Sagittarius with Cancer Thru Virgo


Cancer's creativity sparks Sagittarius’ interest. Sagittarius is the too intellectual and freedom oriented for Cancer. Cancer can be moody and careful. Sagittarius can't provide the protection Cancer demands or endure Cancer's mood swings. Cancer can get jealous very fast. Frank Sagittarius hurts overly sensitive Cancer especially when Sagittarius starts to roam around. More challenging is when Cancer starts to whine and criticize. Nothing will get a Sagittarius out the door faster than that!


There is plenty of excitement ahead for this passionate pair in and out of the bedroom. Confident Leo can awaken Sagittarius’ interests and make life more fun. They will enjoy socializing and travel. Leo adores independence as much as Sagittarius. Sagittarius has the exact detachment to accept Leo’s ongoing need to have its’ ego stroked. Sagittarius is also able to do so with sincerity, providing Leo with more assurance. Sexually these two fire signs will be very strong and frequent in the bedroom.


Both zodiac signs have these two strong minds. Sagittarius has a mind that views higher ideas, whereas Virgo may get stuck in the immediate picture. They could have interesting discussions. However, Sagittarius represents roaming for new encounters and excitement. Virgo desires a commitment; Sagittarius has to be free. Sagittarius’ recklessness annoys fussy Virgo. When Virgo gets critical, it is showing it cares. Sagittarius will understand or walk away from that.