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Horoscope Sun Sign Astrology Romance & Sexual Compatibility:
Sagittarius with Libra Thru Sagittarius


Sagittarius is intrigued by Libra's charm, elegance, and taste. Libra is fascinated by Sagittarius’ need for new experiences. Libra is romantic. Sagittarius is carnal. Remember Sagittarius is half man / half horse. The sexual compatibility is satisfactory. Libra accepts Sagittarius’ flirtatious yet Sagittarius may get a kick out of Libra’s flirtatious. Both signs can develop a strong friendship and lean on each other when needed.


Scorpio tries to place Sagittarius into a dungeon. Sagittarius’ roaming interests terrify Scorpio. This can be a volatile mixture. Sagittarius is playful and can find Scorpio to be too intense. Sagittarius can be quick to anger. However, it cools off just as fast, whereas Scorpio's stews it its anger. Worse, Scorpio can sting hovering pent-up resentment and lash out by surprise. Heaven forbid Sagittarius is ever caught in an indiscreet act by a Scorpio!


They seem to be perfectly suited: two independent and liberty loving roamers. But this enjoyable, chaotic, and eventful partnership is very unstable to pursue each other. They have a tendency to carry out the worst in the other person. Both are uncommitted and have diverse common interests that entail humanity, the world at-large, politics, and sports. In the long term they have a mutual understanding of each other. This can be an eternal friendship.