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Horoscope Sun Sign Astrology Romance & Sexual Compatibility:
Sagittarius with Capricorn Thru Pisces


Astrologically this is a classic case of Jupiter Versus Saturn. One expands while the other restricts. In time, they can fuel each other whereby Capricorn can give Sagittarius discipline. Sagittarius can lighten Capricorn up. On the other hand, Capricorn's demands can't be pleased by Sagittarius mellow outlook. Capricorn is traditional, conventional and about the structure. Sometimes Capricorn can also be a loner with too much somberness. Sagittarius is optimistic, expansive, and social. Capricorn is frugal. Sagittarius is a spendthrift and very generous. Sagittarius’ blunt outspoken mouth is sure to annoy Capricorn's sensitivity.


This duo can share some fun times together. Both like freedom, travel, and adventures. Sagittarius adores experimenting while Aquarius loves innovating. There'll be imaginative fun and kinky times in the bedroom. Emotional intimacy may take a while to develop. However, these two can develop an instant friendship that will make their connection grow.


Pisces is drawn to Sagittarius’ living power. Sagittarius is attracted to Pisces’ dreaminess. Sagittarius needs a friend and Pisces desires an inspirational lover. However, both signs have Jupiter in common. It is naturally Sagittarius’ ruler and Pisces’ co-ruler. The common theme is expansion. Both can be optimistic. Pisces can be unrealistic and lack the fire to make things happen. Pisces is trying to get their emotional needs from blunt Sagittarius. This pair requires time for it to work.