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Horoscope Sun Sign Astrology Romance & Sexual Compatibility:
Sagittarius with Aries Thru Gemini


Both zodiac signs share a similar technique to sex. Also, when we layer a common interest in exploring new places and socializing, it is clear why they have so much in common. Intellectually they are strongly connected. Both have a very wide selection of interests and adore discussing them. Sagittarius is more philosophical about life than Aries. Aries can be a little too bossy and demanding for Sagittarius. Yet Sagittarius can appreciate Aries’ enthusiasm and passion. They both have strong temperaments. Arguments can be heated. However, they are short-lived as their makeup sex happens fast.


Taurus desires to manage the show. Sagittarius won't allow being dominated. Sagittarius needs variety, freedom, and change. That can be frustrating to consistent and stable Taurus. Taurus enjoys routine because it is reliable. Sagittarius gets bored by this fast. Outspoken and often no-filter-mouthed Sagittarius will speak its mind and trigger Taurus’ anger. Taurus may feel like a bull in a china closet with Sagittarius. Also, there can be financial difficulties because Sagittarius gambles, while spendthrift Taurus hoards. Sagittarius will be turned off by Taurus’ greediness.


These two zodiac signs can be very adventurous, changeable, and desire freedom. There'll be many sparks and fireworks in the bedroom. Sagittarius is frank and sometimes too brash. Gemini humorously points this out. They have a strong sense of humor with each other. They also meet intellectually and can communicate well. This combination does require time as Gemini can have difficulty making decisions and needs to make sure it is doing the right thing.