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Horoscope Sun Sign Astrology Romance & Sexual Compatibility: 
Pisces with Cancer Thru Virgo





Pisces is turned on by Cancer's sexuality.  Cancer is sensual. This romantic combination finds sensitive admiration for each other.  Cancer's need for stability gives Pisces security.  Devoted Cancer gives itself fully to doubtful Pisces.  Both are connected to each other mentally where they can complete each other’s sentences.  This is a very emotionally in tune couple. 



Pisces’ tendency to dream instead of taking actions disturbs Leo.  Leo considers Pisces flaky and lazy. Pisces is sensitive, shy, and slightly reserved. Leo is exuberant, strong, and dominant. Leo can have temperamental reactions.  Pisces shuts down.  Leo may view Pisces as full of pipe dreams.  Pisces can give Leo the praise it needs and stroke Leo’s ego.  However, the moment Leo gets too rough with Pisces, Pisces swims away. 



Pisces’ unconditional love turns Virgo on.  Virgo runs life, intellectually instead of emotionally.  Pisces does the opposite.  Reserved and critical Virgo won't fulfill Pisces sexually.  When Virgo's rebuff Pisces sexually, Pisces insecurities are triggered.  Virgo also cannot give Pisces the fairy tale romance it needs.  There won’t be candlelight dinners, boxes of chocolates, or soft music provided by Virgo.  Instead, Virgo will make vegetables and a salad.  Pisces may be unstable for practical Virgo. Virgo will despise Pisces’ dependency.


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