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Horoscope Sun Sign Astrology Romance & Sexual Compatibility:  Pisces with Libra 
Thru Sagittarius




These loving romantic's gravitate to each other right away.  Pisces is searching for psychological assistance and can have challenges finding that in a Libra.  Libra desires peace and harmony.  However, it flies out the door when duty or heavy commitments are demanded.  They both like the finer things in life.  Financial conflicts can arise.  Pisces can lack ambition and Libra may be a spendthrift.  Libra enjoys being a flirt and social which can shake up Pisces.



This combination is a very powerful.  Scorpio will provide emotions in depth and thrilling sex for Pisces.  Everything that Scorpio does is intense and runs deep.  Scorpio's need to control won’t disturb Pisces.  In fact, Pisces may enjoy a strong level of commitment.  These two share a common ground (the water).  So they will be very emotionally in tune with each other.  The challenges surely arise when one is being overly sensitive and doesn’t apply logic or reason over emotion. 



Sexually these two can enjoy each other.  However, that is as far as it goes.  Pisces dreams more than putting plans into action.  Sagittarius thrives on non-stop activity.  Freedom oriented Sagittarius roaming around will not sit well with Pisces.  Pisces needs commitment and consideration.  The real problem begins when Sagittarius puts its foot in its big mouth.  Sagittarius has no-filter-mouth.  That in turn will hurt Pisces.  Pisces is confused and turned off by Sagittarius’ need for freedom and space.  Pisces is too needy for Sagittarius.  Sagittarius is too independent for Pisces. 



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