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Horoscope Sun Sign Astrology Romance & Sexual Compatibility:
Pisces with Capricorn Thru Pisces


Capricorn's powerful and dominating persona is exactly what helps Pisces thrive. Pisces feels safe with practical Capricorn. Capricorn can assert regulation and structure plans. Pisces sizzles Capricorn's structured day to day living with romance. If anyone can turn a Capricorn on, it is definitely a Pisces. Pisces’ affectionate nature filled with adulation stimulates Capricorn. Remember Capricorn thrives for recognition. Capricorn has challenges communicating feelings. However, Pisces has empathy and can sense it. Sexual acts are powerful.


Pisces’ arousal to intimacy delights and turns Aquarius on. Aquarius loves to experiment sexually. Sexually, this might be fun because both zodiac signs are adventurous. But Aquarius is chilled out, unattached, and needs freedom. Pisces needs a partner that is a steady rock to lean on. Aquarius can go for this as long as it’s’ autonomy isn’t compromised. Also, Pisces may need to understand that when Aquarius needs space it doesn’t mean the relationship is over.


Deep soul and emotional connection. Both have a tendency to sink into self-pity which can trigger the other’s debauchery, uncertainty, and bewilderment. It’s challenging for Pisces to cope with reality. It’s just too practical and dull. Think of it as waking someone from a dream. Who wants to wake up from a nice night of sleep? There is no stronger combination to that will inspire the other. The challenge here is that both signs lack initiative. Two watchers instead of a watcher and a doer rarely get much done. This combination needs assertive measures to make it happen. However, emotionally there is a lot of comfort and empathy. This too is very romantic and sexually charged.