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Horoscope Sun Sign Astrology Romance & Sexual Compatibility:
Pisces with Aries Thru Gemini


Pisces is pulled into by Aries’ spirit. Pisces showers Aries with love and that strokes Aries’ ego. Aries loves to feel needed and desired. Pisces will do that. Pisces’ can spark Aries romantic side, making these two signs passionately romantic. Sex can last for many hours as all details are covered. Aries will manage the relationship and help Pisces make decisions. Aries can be a bit too blunt for Pisces, which can step on Pisces’ tender toes. Aries can learn sensitivity. Pisces can learn to toughen up.


Taurus can supply security and stability for Pisces. Also, Taurus’ artistic nature awakens Pisces’ creative mind. Pisces will trigger Taurus’ desire in materials. Both are sensual and mellow. Pisces is more sensitive than Taurus. Taurus can be too practical for Pisces. Together this can be a very strong romance. This can be thought of Venus and Neptune together. Art is also born here. Pisces can create it and Taurus can sell it. Sometimes Taurus will need to curb its practicality so it doesn’t rain on Pisces’ parade. However, Pisces will not stand for frugality. That can be a turn off to Taurus.


Pisces is turned on by Gemini's mind and turned off by Gemini’s mouth. This combo is as rocky. Pisces will have challenges with Gemini's flighty and thoughtlessness demeanor. Gemini won't be able to stand Pisces’ head in the clouds. Pisces needs stability and may cling too hard or too long. Gemini desires variety. Pisces lacks route. Both need more direction.