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Horoscope Sun Sign Astrology Romance & Sexual Compatibility:
Libra with Cancer Thru Virgo


Cancer may comprehend Libra's passionate style. However, Cancer is as cautious to press hesitant Libra for the emotional reply it desires. Frustrated with Libra's lack of depth, Cancer clams up. Cancer needs security and is disturbed by Libra's spendthrift ways. Libra loves the glitz and glamour. Cancer is happy at home with financial security.


Libra's sexual frolics mix well with Leo’s enjoyment for coitus. Leo's strong passion warms up Libra instantly. Libra knows how to be diplomatic and tactful so it is easy to give in to Leo’s need for ego gratification. They enjoy many luxuries together, which can be an issue financially as they can spend more than they should. There is a need to be financially prudent. However, these two can blend strongly.


Libra is too flighty for Virgo. Virgo can be too serious for Libra. Libra loves a good show of affection which Virgo doesn’t know how to provide. Virgo demonstrates love through duty and responsibility. So no flowers will arrive for Libra from Virgo anytime soon. Virgo doesn’t care to participate in Libra's interpersonal socializing. Libra's tastes are not cheap. Virgo will not shell out coins for this. Libra finds Virgo picky and miserly. Virgo doesn’t take Libra as a serious mate as there is a lack of duty.