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Horoscope Sun Sign Astrology Romance & Sexual Compatibility: 
Libra with Libra Thru Sagittarius




Both are affectionate, personable, and charming.  They can pleasure each other socially and sexually.  The issue is that both avoid conflict and reality.  This then stems into being able to provide a solid and steady foundation that Libra needs.  Since both tend to be very social, they can find a lot of enjoyment at parties, events, get-togethers, and more.  This combination works better as friends first and then lovers.  Once they have developed a steady foundation and friendship, they are able to make decisions more easily.



Scorpio's passion charms Libra.  Libra constantly seeks new ventures.  Scorpio is jealous, controlling, devoted, and quick to point out the need for exclusivity.  Libra has a need for freedom and won’t be caged in Scorpio’s dungeon.  Libra may be drawn to Scorpio’s sexual hunger.  However, the moment Libra's notices Scorpio is not playful, and it scares Libra.  Scorpio won’t tolerate a cavalier attitude toward sex from Libra. 



Libra enjoys Sagittarius’ eagerness for exploration.  Sagittarius is attracted to Libra's charming personality.  Both zodiac signs are romantic, though Libra initiates the romance.  Libra desires to attach faster than roaming eyed Sagittarius.  However, Libra understands how to work with Sagittarius’ mental stimulation. This duo can produce a strong friendship and partnership.


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