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Horoscope Sun Sign Astrology Romance & Sexual Compatibility:
Leo with Cancer Thru Virgo


This romantic duo expresses itself differently. Cancer desires a deep emotional connection. Leo wants fun! Cancer’s wear their emotions on their sleeves. Cancer’s may take everything too seriously. Leo can lighten moody Cancer’s emotions. Cancer needs security. Leo can be a hedonist who loves to put on a show. Cancer's stability will provide Leo the ego stroking it needs. Leo is showy. Cancer is loyal and demonstrative. This can work.


Heads turn around when royalty enters. These do everything with style, pizzazz, and extravagance. They are also oversexed. The primary dilemma is: Who's likely to be in charge? It really is challenging for one particular Leo to make room for another massive ego. Each and every desire for Leo to take the seat of the throne is instant. However, more importantly, two can’t take the same seat when only one is available. Therefore, being able to take the back seat from time to time is going to be more important.


Leo is attracted to Virgo's dedication and consideration. Virgo doesn't recognize Leo's over the top nature. Leo won't be able to get from earthy and formal Virgo the sexual responsiveness it desires. Virgo is earthy sagacious. Leo is reckless with money and lavish. Leo likes the fast and large life. Virgo is thrifty, reserved, and critical. This can rain on Leo’s parade. Virgo can’t be controlled. Leo desires praise and ego stroking. Virgo can give in as it is about service.