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Horoscope Sun Sign Astrology Romance & Sexual Compatibility: 
Leo with Libra Thru Sagittarius




Creative Leo's blends nicely with Libra's beauty aesthetics.  Leo's can secure Libra’s indecisiveness.  The checkbook may lack stability because they live life too extravagantly.  Each will even seek to overdo and try to steal center stage.  In the bedroom, Leo gives the orders and Libra takes the orders.



This quick sexual spark will be intense and unforgettable.  Leo has challenges with Scorpio's control, intensity, and jealousy.  Scorpio has trust issues and does not appreciate Leo’s flamboyance.  Leo thinks Scorpio is volatile and harsh.  Scorpio considers Leo to be a showy exhibitionist.  While Leo thinks Scorpio is inhibited and way too dramatic.  Scorpio would prefer controlling a situation instead of being an audience member clapping at Leo’s performance. 



Leo is fulfilled by jovial and gregarious Sagittarius.  Fun loving Sagittarius is fulfilled with Leo's zest for life.  Jointly they revel in adventure and social functions.  Both zodiac signs are passionate with fiery sexuality. If anyone can prevent a Sagittarius from roaming, it’s a Leo.  Leo's brings out the dedication Sagittarius can give.  Leo is very egotistical.  Expansive and self-assured, Sagittarius is perfectly content to allow Leo to rule center stage.  Bear in mind that Leo is loyal.  Sagittarius may take a while to develop loyalty.


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