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Horoscope Sun Sign Astrology Romance & Sexual Compatibility:
Leo with Capricorn Thru Pisces


Leo's exuberance is curtailed by traditional, practical Capricorn. Leo may view Capricorn as an old fuddy duddy. Capricorn restricts Leo’s extravagance. Leo will be easily bored and will not tolerate this whatsoever. On a positive note, this duo has strong sex drives. Leo desires magic in sex. Capricorn is more traditional or better yet routine. That bores Leo too. Leo will view Capricorn as frugal and cold like an ice cube. Leo is ruled the warm Sun whereas Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. This combination is a problem with ego versus expression. This is a problem match as Leo cannot suppress its expression.


There is a strong magnetism between this duo. Aquarius cool and analytical approach may be an issue with Leo's ego. Leo will see Aquarius as cool and possibly feel rejected. Aquarius’ independent way of living may frustrate Leo. Leo needs an audience, whereas Aquarius is sometimes hardly available. Both like to socialize. However, Leo is “on” all the time. That bores Aquarius. Aquarius just doesn’t have time interest in being Leo’s fan. Aquarius needs a friend first.


Leo is dominating and exuberant. Pisces lives in fantasy land. They are magnetized to each other. Leo's lively personality won't be in sync with Pisces’ sensibilities. Leo wants praise, yet Pisces can give that. Yet Pisces needs more seclusion. If you put a lion next to a fish, the fish would swim fast and the lion wouldn’t be able to keep up. Pisces is known to slip away the moment it feels uncomfortable. This can make Leo feel hurt. Yet Leo can be insensitive towards Pisces. Yet don’t be fooled by Pisces. Sensitive doesn’t mean meek. Fish can become sharks when provoked. Sexually though, this can be a very strong and erotic encounter.