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Horoscope Sun Sign Astrology Romance & Sexual Compatibility:
Leo with Aries Thru Gemini



These two will be the star-crossed lovers of the zodiac.  They get along marvelously inside the bedroom. They're a strong mixture, bringing in fun, passion, and will try many new things in and out of bed.  They also share similar tastes.  The need to overcome the clash of two major egos is vital.  They must learn how concede and the need for being the center of attention.  A fire extinguisher near the bed will be very handy as the sex may be too hot to handle. 



 Leo's desire to run the show collides with Taurus’ need to have its way. Both Zodiac signs are stubborn.  Compromise is a major obstacle.  Leo builds up anger towards Taurus as Taurus becomes more stubborn.  Remember, Taurus hardly gives in.  This is a problem for Leo.  Frugal Taurus is outraged at Leo's spendthrift tastes.  Taurus is predicated and inflexible.  Leo bites on more than it can chew.  Stubborn Taurus refuses to worship or stroke Leo’s ego.  Leo is much livelier than Taurus.  That can be a threat to Taurus the moment Leo gets bored and seeks ego stroking outside of the relationship.




They spark instantly due to similar interests such as glamorous societal gatherings, fun, theater, and buddies.  Unbiased and active Gemini sets off Leo's zest for life.  Leo finds Gemini's sexually innovative and boisterous.  Leo may possibly also become jealous of Gemini's flirtatious behavior.  Leo is more passionate than Gemini. Daily life together might be long terms sparks as long Gemini can be devoted. 


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