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Horoscope Sun Sign Astrology Romance & Sexual Compatibility:
Gemini with Cancer Thru Virgo


Gemini's sexual needs are fulfilled by Cancer’s passion. Gemini's jovial personality lightens Cancer's darkness. Gemini's flirtations can hurt Cancer. Cancer can experience a lack of security. Cancer’s requires safety and a stable home life. Gemini lacks the patience to deal with Cancer's mood swings. Gemini's witty mouth can trigger Cancer's sensitivity. When Cancer gets upset, typically it clams up by shutting down or stonewalling. This is a problem for Gemini who needs to talk.


An expressive duo who delight each other. Gemini's jovial personality finds enthusiasm by Leo. Leo's self-assurance overlooks Gemini's flirtatiousness to others. Gemini's inclination to criticize can disturb prideful Leo. Leo needs ego stroking which Gemini is likely to give. However, these two can upstage each other. They can easily giggle together. Sexually though, they do work. Gemini is the writer, Leo is the performer. Their surroundings become the audience. Put this all together and you get a full show.


These two are Mercury based. Virgo is about practicality, day to day routine, and reliability. Gemini is about ideas, communication, and the casual mind. These two are star crossed in starting their connection. However, ultimately, Virgo considers Gemini to be an immature flake. Gemini views Virgo as a cold prude. Virgo's analytical seems cold to Gemini. Virgo considers Gemini's interpersonal lifestyle to be superficial. Virgo is critical; Gemini is tactless. Their sex life can soon turn to ice.