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Horoscope Sun Sign Astrology Romance & Sexual Compatibility: 
Gemini with Libra Thru Sagittarius


These two air signs properly suit each other intellectually.  These stimulating mates will get pleasure from a socializing, sex, and communication.  They agree on many levels with each other.  They may be exciting and loving.  There is a lot they share in common with each other.  Sexually each is hot for the other.   Libra understands Gemini's need to experiment.



Scorpio's potency mixed with Gemini's creativity can make a fantastic combo if only these two can work their differences.  There may be fireworks in the bedroom.  However, they quickly learn that it takes more than just intercourse to keep a relationship alive.  Scorpio is intense, jealous, controlling, and rigid.  Gemini is changeable, flighty, and shallow. Gemini is social and Scorpio has trust issues.


This combination is instantly magnetized like Ying and Yang.  They'll get pleasure from the other person's minds.  Gemini represents the lower mind and Sagittarius represents the higher mind.  Both enjoy travel and communication.  Sagittarius tends to be more intellectual.  Gemini is more interpersonal.  Both are very frigidity, speak their minds, and desire space.  However, sexually, they make up for their fights.  So the makeup sex can keep them coming back for more. 


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