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Horoscope Sun Sign Astrology Romance & Sexual Compatibility:
Gemini with Capricorn Thru Pisces


Gemini's free spirited, anything goes mind gets resistance from guarded Capricorn. Capricorn stresses over protection and structure. Gemini stresses about being caged in. Regimen maintains Capricorn contentment. However, it bores Gemini. Gemini's need for new ventures triggers Capricorn into insecurity Capricorn's seriousness puts a damper on Gemini's exuberance.


Original and kinky Aquarius and flexible Gemini strongly connect. They share a style for innovating, socializing, and traveling. Both are unpredictable. Aquarius enjoys Gemini's clever mind. If Gemini lacks consistency, Aquarius empathizes. This combination can be very strong friends. They will give each other enough space to build a solid friendship. Through time, they can wind up together.


The passion results in a sea of troubles. Two signs with dual natures represent a different type of duality that conflicts each other. Sensitive Pisces is hurt by inconsiderate Gemini. Gemini is a playful prankster. Gemini pretends. Pisces won't handle the cold hard truth. Gemini needs flexibility and innovation. Pisces desires unconditional love. Pisces is a major romantic. Gemini triggers Pisces into feeling unsafe, especially when Gemini resists committing. The duality of both of these signs together creates a scattered connection.