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Horoscope Sun Sign Astrology Romance & Sexual Compatibility:
Gemini with Aries Thru Gemini


This enthusiastic duo makes good friends and lovers. They take delight in communication, adventure, and variety. In fact, both of them will agree that variety is the spice of life Aries will take the lead in making most of the decisions as Gemini can be indecisive. There will be bedroom tomfoolery. Both are enthusiastic about sex. Aries’ dominating gives Gemini the focus it needs. Gemini's occasional roaming from the integrity will keep Aries driven. Aries likes to feel desired and needed and can easily move on if Gemini gets too scattered.


Taurus responds to Gemini's twinkle. Gemini is drawn into by Taurus’ stability. Taurus needs everyday life to be predictable, steady, and structured. Gemini will find that to be boring! Gemini needs constant novelty. Gemini finds sex with Taurus’ to be lacking sparks and resents the strangulated web placed by Taurus for commitment. Possessive and greedy Taurus cannot handle Gemini's flirtations which will be subjected to arguments. Taurus loves to argue and Gemini will blow it off by making no big deal about it.


A charming, flexible, and attractive pair. There will hardly be any boredom for either one. The fast tempo is thrilling. They're stimulating communicators and can hold multiple conversations with each other simultaneously on different topics. Their minds work faster when together. This can be mentally orgasmic. Sex is pleasurable. But this too can also be scattered, fluffy, and casual. Once they proceed out in the bedroom, some things lack direction. This combination needs focus and dedication. Sexually speaking, these two can talk a lot during sex or get very vocal.