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Horoscope Sun Sign Astrology Romance & Sexual Compatibility:
Capricorn with Cancer Thru Virgo


This is an instant sexual attraction. However, emotional Cancer will dislike Capricorn's need to dominate. Capricorn isn't going to tolerate Cancer's infinite emotional needs. Cancer's need to have ending nurturing will be a turn off for Capricorn's stoic coolness. Both worry about being rejected. Capricorn's turns cold, whereas Cancer stone walls via withdrawal.


Capricorn does not approve of Leo's over the top and extensiveness taste for luxury. Capricorn believes Leo can be a show off squandering hard-earned cash. Leo will see Capricorn lacks taste. Compare and contrast the homes of the two. Leo’s home will be more decorated whereas Capricorn will be very practical and basic. Capricorn will not provide the ego-stroking Leo desires. Proud Leo won't give in to Capricorn's desire to structure its’ life or taste.


Virgo's duty and obligation blends well with Capricorn's sense of structure and hard work. Both bring pride into their home and love acquiring a number of close mates in lieu of several acquaintances. Each respects and appreciates the other’s ideas. There's no cause this duo would not click. The bedroom may lack sparks due to a lack of spontaneity or variety. Virgo’s reticence desires a stronger push that reserved Capricorn likes to grant.