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Horoscope Sun Sign Astrology Romance & Sexual Compatibility: 
Capricorn with Libra  Thru Sagittarius





Capricorn is fascinated by Libra’s charm and grace.  Libra is mesmerized by Capricorn's passion.  Libra desires more artistic aesthetics, romance, and eagerness than Capricorn can supply. Capricorn is not interested in interpersonal socializing.  Capricorn specializes in duty, discipline and accountability and finds Libra altogether very superficial, egotistical, and selfish.



Scorpio's highly effective sensuality kindles Capricorn's passionate nature.  Scorpio is resourceful with it comes to sex.  Mix that with Capricorn's stamina, it results in a passionate and pleasurable match.  Scorpio's jealousy is welcomed by Capricorn as it represents care and security.  These two mix well.  Capricorn is extremely organized and Scorpio is shrewd.  Both zodiac signs have ambition and discipline. 



Sagittarius uplifts Capricorn from somberness.  Sagittarius is fascinated Capricorn's discipline and ambition.  Capricorn is inspired by Sagittarius’ optimism.  However, Capricorn can easily get irritated by Sagittarius’ carefree and overly generous attitude toward money.  Sagittarius is mellow and care free. It detests routine.  Capricorn isn’t mellow, loves routine, and takes everything way too seriously.  This combination requires truly getting to understand and accept each other for their differences and appreciate the similarities. 


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