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Horoscope Sun Sign Astrology Romance & Sexual Compatibility:
Cancer with Cancer Thru Virgo


They have a great deal in common which is the problem. They comprehend each other. They might trigger the other without the need of making an attempt. Both are very delicate, dependent, and demanding. Cancers operate with their emotions running high. Just about every idea needs assurance and nurturance. They are sexually matched Their erotic imaginations are stimulated by each other.


Robustly and magnanimous Leo is just what shy Cancer is trying to find. Cancer's gut instinct knows how to deal with flashy and prideful Leo. Adulation is needed in order to keep a Leo roaring. Cancer can do just that because it is known for putting their partner in a cocoon. It can be a bit confining for Leo. Leo dominates between the sheets and Cancer enjoys it. Leo brightens up Cancer's moody feelings.


Virgo's analyzes its’ emotions, whereas Cancer emotes. Their personalities mix well. Cancer may excite Virgo. Yet Virgo can sometimes be too logical and practical. This combination can be secure and warm. Thought it won’t be a blazing hot romance. Cancer's ambition for financial stability works well with ambitious and conservative Virgo. Cancer understands Virgo's fussiness and Virgo will provide the security Cancer desires. This combination can be long-lasting.