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Horoscope Sun Sign Astrology Romance & Sexual Compatibility:
Cancer with Libra Thru Sagittarius


This duo operates on diverse platforms. Cancer desires to emotionally conjoin with a partner. Libra seeks great intellectual connection. Libra has disdain for Cancer's moods brushing it off as dramatic. Libra needs peace and harmony even at the cost of honesty. Cancer will feel threatened by Libra's detached nature. Cancer is volatile and too demanding for Libra. They have a very difficult time connecting sexually. Out of 144 zodiacal possible connections, this one is not recommended whatsoever.


Cancer's sex drive is ignited by Scorpio's intensity. Cancer's overprotective nature will make Scorpio feel stable. Cancer appreciates Scorpio's power. Scorpio finds a sanctuary in Cancer's emotional makeup. The duo is instinctual and empathizes with each other. It’s a very strong psyche and psychological connection. This connection has depth, passion, and a high libido.


Jovial Sagittarius can expand Cancer’s mind giving Cancer vision and new horizons. However, Sagittarius will not fulfill Cancer’s safety needs. Cancer's jealousy is triggered by Sagittarius’ freedom needs. Sagittarius yawns at Cancer's overprotective nature. Sagittarius needs freedom to roam and aim (the archer.) Cancer's deep-seated commitment can make Sagittarius break free. No-filter-mouthed Sagittarius hurts delicate Cancer’s feelings.