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Horoscope Sun Sign Astrology Romance & Sexual Compatibility: 
Cancer with Capricorn Thru Pisces





At first the sexual attraction is instant.  These two can connect as long as they can keep an emotional awareness.  Cancer has to guard being too emotional.  Capricorn needs to guard being too stoic.  But career driven Capricorn prioritizes career, which can make Cancer feel neglected.  Cancer is delicate and needs attention, while Capricorn is stoic, reserved, and assertive.  Cancer may reject Capricorn’s overtures due to feeling extremely neglected. 



Cancer's demonstrative is cooled by Aquarius’ detachment.  Cancer's clinginess can make Aquarius feel suffocated.  Aquarius is spontaneous, curious, and freedom oriented.  Sensitive Cancer is sabotaged by Aquarius’ sarcasm.  Cancer does not grasp Aquarius’ mind as it is free and detached.  Cancer need to shut down and go into self-protection mode is highly triggered.  Aquarius is a soloist and appreciates a person that can respect their space.  Aquarius doesn’t do well with cabin fever. 



 That loving combination is strong and romantic.  Pisces lives in fantasy and Cancer is surely able to provide that.  Pisces supplies the romance.  Cancer is overly protective which Pisces adores.  Both are dedicated, emotional available, and empathize with each other.  They'll wear out the mattress in the bedroom too.  They may even break the bed. 


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