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Horoscope Sun Sign Astrology Romance & Sexual Compatibility: 
Cancer with Aries Thru Gemini



These two may start like 4th of July Fireworks.  However, it won’t last too long as a rain storm will enter just as fast.  Cancer puts Aries’ fire out and Aries makes Cancer’s water boil.  Cancer is quickly hurt by Aries’ bluntness.  Cancer likes protection and the home life.  Aries demands freedom to discover. Cancer would like to protect and worship a lover.  Aries finds far too confining.  When it comes to finances, there could be tension in joint bank accounts.  Aries is a spendthrift and Cancer saves. 


Both require affection, security, and passion.  Cancer adds new ideas for Taurus’ routine.  The two are materialistic about money and possessions.  Together they enjoy the delights of materials and the home.  Taurus enjoys being pampered and Cancer will do just that.  Consistent Taurus is grounding for Cancer's emotions.  They fulfill each other’s needs like lock and key. 



Gemini's shimmer captivates Cancer.  However, Cancer won’t feel safe by changeable and sometimes flighty Gemini. Essentially, Cancer's emotions are psychological.  Gemini is more intellectual.  That would make it tricky.  Even though sexual energies are connected nicely, Cancer can have difficulty adjusting to Gemini's changeable, versatile, and jovial mind.  Possessive Cancer will try to tie Gemini down.  Gemini won't be able to go for it.

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