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Horoscope Sun Sign Astrology Romance & Sexual Compatibility:
Aries with Cancer Thru Virgo


This duo is interested in each other from the start. However, the sparks lose its luster once the sexual attraction fades. There are many temperamental disagreements. Aries jumps head first. Cancer is careful. Cancer enjoys being a homebody. Aries does not like being tied to anything. Resentments accumulate. Aries includes bluntness that wounds sensitive Cancer. The more blunt Aries becomes, the more moody and protective Cancer becomes.


A match made in the stars. Yet they both have huge egos. In fact, these two signs are the most egoistical signs in the entire zodiac. Both have acquired egos that need to melt. Both like to be in charge. Aggressive Aries wouldn't aspire taking second in command. Leo desires praise. This can work well if they can find a compromise in who takes charge from time to time and not take everything too seriously. Sexually, this is a fiery match. A fire extinguisher near the bed will be very handy. Aries is hopeful and open to everyday life; Leo is lavish.


Aries’ gumption really arouses reserved Virgo. Aries’ will force is strong and at the moment. Virgo's sensuality is more earthy and practical.  In other departments Aries is filled with innovation and risks and desires being the boss. Virgo is picky and critical and likes routine, especially performed by rote. Virgo criticizes Aries impulsiveness. Aries thinks Virgo can be a cold prude and impossible to please.