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Horoscope Sun Sign Astrology Romance & Sexual Compatibility:
Aries with Capricorn Thru Pisces


Aries’ style for experimenting and innovating may be difficult for traditional Capricorn. Aries is fidgety, at the moment and passionate. Capricorn is practical, structured, and conservative. Both signs like to dominate. Financial conflicts arise. Aries is a spendthrift. Capricorn is frugal. Aries’ sexual libido does connect well with Capricorn's passionate streak. Aries will admire Capricorn's fortitude and tenacity. Capricorn needs to lighten up and Aries needs to think before acting in order for this to work.


These two personalities blend instantly. Both are ambitious, innovative, eccentric, and have many pursuits. They are also sexual adventurous. Depending on momentary feelings, Aquarius may not allow Aries to lead between the sheets. However, from time to time Aquarius will give in. Both zodiac signs are independent, especially Aquarius. Aries periodically feels a lack of attention. Aries will be fascinated by Aquarius. Nonetheless, this is an instant friendship that can mold into a deeper connection.


Aries will reel Pisces in and be allured by Pisces’ mysterious quality. Self-assured Aries and Pisces imagination and intuition make this a strong match. Character variations complement one another. Aries is dominating. Pisces likes leaning on someone. This can work.