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Horoscope Sun Sign Astrology Romance & Sexual Compatibility:
Aries with Aries Thru Gemini


A passionate combination. Neither will submit to the other. Aries is not about being dominated. Aries is competitive with others and themselves. Expect these two to compete with each other. Conflicts and arguments require compromise. The forecast is improved if external endeavors and responsibilities give each other space.


The two are sensual. Aries could be disturbed by the routine pace of unadventurous Taurus. Taurus is domestically oriented. Aries is about exploring new ventures head first: Jump now and think later. Taurus is jealous and demanding and views Aries need for autonomy as dismissive. Taurus is talented in creating material wealth. However, Aries focuses is at the moment thus becoming a spendthrift. The big picture is often challenging. Aries will value Taurus steadiness and dependability and Taurus will value Aries energy and enthusiasm.


Very stimulating combination. There is rarely boredom. They are both talkers. They usually reveal a unique compatibility. Gemini is antsy and enthusiastic to look for new pastures, like an Aries. Both signs are uninhibited. Gemini is witty and will embrace Aries need to rule. Gemini seeks outside interests. However, it can be either sneaky or discrete about it. They sync up with each other mentally. Aries is smart and sparkling. Gemini is flexible and inventive. Aries is likely to sexually lead the bedroom. Gemini delights in contemplating up sexual scenarios to keep Aries attention.