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Horoscope Sun Sign Astrology Romance & Sexual Compatibility:
Aquarius with Cancer Thru Virgo


Aquarius recoils at Cancer's overly emotional reactions as it can’t understand what all the big fuss is about. Aquarius is carefree. Delicate Cancer may feel rejected. Aquarius dislikes Cancer's neediness and whining. Cancer desires a secure, protected residence, but Aquarius requires freedom and can’t be tied down.


Leo is fascinated by Aquarius’ creative sexual tastes. Aquarius is fascinated by Leo's passion and exuberance. Leo is ego and Aquarius is cerebral. Leo will have challenges getting the praise it desires from Aquarius. Aquarius will not accept Leo's need to dominate. The moment anyone gives an Aquarian order, Aquarius will do the opposite as they can be rebellious. The word independence has different meanings to both of these zodiac signs. In Aquarius, it indicates independence for innovation. For Leo, it means freedom to pursue glam and glitz.


These two zodiac signs are about the mind. They are more mental than emotional. Virgo can be more of a pessimist whereas Aquarius can be more of the optimist. Aquarius is innovative and will explore. Virgo is about routine and duty. Aquarius requires activity, communal activities, and many acquaintances. Their goals are on different sides of the spectrum. Aquarius is fixated on the big picture whereas Virgo is more concerned about details. In time, together they can bring in wholeness to a relationship especially a business partnership. Virgo may find Aquarius sexually interesting and downright kinky.