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Horoscope Sun Sign Astrology Romance & Sexual Compatibility: 
Aquarius with Libra  Thru Sagittarius




Libra is aroused by Aquarius’ unconventional eroticism.  Both air signs can communicate strongly and enjoyably.  Libra has tact and diplomacy and knows how to work with Aquarius’ stubbornness.  They will appreciate and respect each other’ need for space, community and socialization.  Libra may get a real kick out of Aquarius’ unique innovation.  These two signs can get along instantly and bond. 



Scorpio's intensity and desire to control is a huge problem for Aquarius’.  Aquarius cannot be told what to do, how to do, or worse, when to do!  Aquarius is put off by Scorpio's clingy and jealous tactics.  Scorpio is upset by Aquarius’ non-committal and detached demeanor. Aquarius needs an adventure buddy.  Scorpio is demanding and its’ intensity can drive Aquarius into running for the exit.  Sexually though these two can be very combustible.  However, after sex the problems start. 



These combinations of zodiac signs are inventive when it comes to the bedroom.  They inspire each other mentally too.  Together this makes a strong humanitarian combination.  Sagittarius is spiritual and concerned about worldly matters including politics.  Aquarius is about humanity.  Also, both zodiac signs are fascinated are ruled by the travel planets of Uranus and Jupiter.  Both can also be very prosperous for each other financially.  Sagittarius is a good luck charm for Aquarius and vice-versa. 


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