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Horoscope Sun Sign Astrology Romance & Sexual Compatibility:
Aquarius with Aries Thru Gemini


There will be a lot of excitement between these two. Aquarius’ imagination blends with Aries’ assertiveness. Aries’ can bring out Aquarius’ original and kinky side. There’s room for unique interests, exploring, and innovation. These two zodiac signs can be very close friends and grow into lovers. Aries requires being in charge. Cool Aquarius needs space. Sometimes Aries can be self-involved. Yet Aquarius can be fine with that because it understands and don’t take things too personally.


Aquarius’ detached outlook on love will confuse Taurus. Taurus is jealous and possessive. That makes Aquarius restless prompting an exit. If an exit is not possible, a change in feeling such as opening a window to air the place out will be executed. Aquarius needs to explore and try new things. Sometimes Aquarius may feel like an alien. Aquarius has a need for people and things that are unique and stand out. Aquarius doesn’t understand that Taurus needs practical, typical, predictable, and stable things and people in order to feel comfortable, secure, and worthy. Aquarius is also about humanitarian efforts whereas Taurus is only humanitarian about its own wallet.


Gemini is ready to go with Aquarius’ style for experimentation. Aquarius soothes Gemini's fidgety nature. They appreciate each other's clever minds and could have stimulation discussions. They like to talk and schmooze. There are plenty of sparks and adventure in the bedroom. Since both are air signs, there can be quite verbal in the bedroom.