This is a rather sociable day, and you're bound to feel good about something before it's over. Plant to get out and see people.



You could get some good news from far away today. A personal satisfaction si yours for the asking. Don't be shy, and speak your mind!



It might be hard to start off the new week with chores and responsibilities but you'll do fine. Muddle on through the day and treat yourself tonight.



Listen up for some good news early in the day. You're in a spiritual and reflective mood, so do something to encourage this-yoga, meditation, etc.



You'll feel more personable and social latter in the day. In the meantime, allow yourself time to get your thoughts together as the day progresses.



People are friendly for the most part today even if one friend is cranky and undependable. Not everyone is telling the truth, however.



You're feeling a little pressure from both sides now. Work concerns are one issue. And than there's the telling the home front to deal with. Let a friend help.



Trust in your values today; you'll to the eight thing, even though some friends or associates don't[ seem to be all that cooperative.



You can't always get what you want. Your personal wished are apt to be overlooked today, so be ready for a little disappointment.



You have to take the good with the bad. Ignore any caustic  remarks you hear and reach out to the one special person who always cheers you.



A minor disagreement with someone early in the day will be totally forgotten by mid-afternoon when someone you care about comes to the rescue with a plan for the evening and some sound advice.



You'll have to put your diplomatic skills to work today to smooth out a relationship problem, but there's' a sociability in the air that can produce a bit of fun and light-heartedness.